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A perfect choice for copy shops, schools, and offices as well as in-plants and print shops, these Revo Laminators offer an ideal blend of convenience and quality. Choose the laminator that suits your requirements perfectly from the products listed below. The Revo-Office laminator is ideal for offices, schools, and copy shops. It has a maximum laminating width of up to 12" and a maximum laminating film thickness of 2 mil and up to 5 mil. Designed for print shops and higher volume laminating, the Reco-T14 laminator has a maximum laminating thickness of 1.5 - 4 mil, with a maximum width of up to 12’’. This machine has a speed of 63 Inches per minute and can laminate and cut in one go.
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  1. Revo-Office 12" Automatic Roll Laminator With Feeder and Cutter

    • Max. Laminating Width: Up to 12"
    • Max. Laminating Thickness: 2 - 5 mil
    • Speed: Up to 240 sheets per hour / Up to 39 inches per minute
    • One button push start - will automatically stop when complete.
    Part #: RV-Office


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