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Roll-A-Mount Laminators

Roll-A-Mount Products
Roll-A-Mount makes wide format laminators that are designed to make mounting projects easy to do. Check our their 34-inch machine below as well as our supply of pressure sensitive laminataing film.
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Check out Roll-A-Mount's 34-Inch roll laminator and our selection of presure sensitive laminating film.
These roll-a-mount brand hand crank cold laminators are primarily used for mounting. They can be used to adhere photos or graphics to pre-treated mounting boards or can be used along with a roll of pressure sensitive film to add an overlaminate to mounted images. These systems do not have a roll holder which can make them a little bit tricky to use for applications other than mounting. However, they don't require any electricity and are incredibly simple to operate (adjust the gap and crank the handle). Check them out above and let us know if you have any questions.