RotaTrim Ruler Extension Kit
We have all been there. You are right in the middle of trimming or cutting paper only to realize that you have cut too much, thus ruining your document. We at have a solution to this problem. We offer a ruler extension kit by RotaTrim allowing you to measure the perfect cut every time. Our extensions kits come in a variety of lengths making them versatile and easy to use with about any size and shape of paper. Not to mention these kits fit all RotaTrim trimmer so one size really does fit all. Check them out below.
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  1. Rotatrim 36" Rule Extension Kit for Technical, DigiTech+ and PowerTech Trimmers - 62326

    • Fits all Rotatrim Technical, DigiTech+ and PowerTech Trimmers.
    • Rule Extension Kit is 36" Long
    • For improved accuracy and versatility.
    • 5 Year Warranty
    Part #: 62326


  2. Rotatrim 24" Rule Extension Kit for Professional Trimmers - 62315

    • Work with Rotatrim Professional Trimmers
    • Rule Extension Kit is 24"
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • Part Number is 62315
    Part #: 62315


2 Items

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