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Scotch Laminating Equpment

Scotch Laminating by 3M™

Scotch produces a line of high quality and easy to use pouch and roll lamintors. They also provide the pouches and cartridges you'll need to keep your documents safe from the elements and handling wear.
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Laminators and Supplies
Browse Scotch's selection of high quality laminators and laminating supplies.
Protect, enhance, and preserve your important documents with these laminating pouches.
Scotch is such a well-known and respected brand that it doesn't need any introduction. As creators of the Scotch tape and Post-It notes, among many others, you can always count on the quality and durability of their products. At MyBinding we're proud to offer you a great selection of the Scotch Laminating Equipment, to help you start your projects on the right note and to complete them to a very high standard. Choose from the categories above, we carry efficient laminators, practical laminating pouches and laminating cartridges for your Scotch laminators. Order them today and if you have any questions, just give us a call!