Swingline Light Duty Punches
Most office workers don't do a ton of three hole punching. However, when you need to punch something you are going to need a machine to do it. That is where these Swingline light duty punches come in. Designed for personal and occasional use, you can put one of these in a desk drawer or cabinet and you will have it when you need it. These units are not designed for every day use and don't punch very many sheets at a time. However they are an excellent option if you need to add a few sheets to a binder. Check out the Swingline punches below and order the one that best suits your needs.
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  1. Swingline 1-Hole Paper Punch - 74005

    • Metal, handheld single hole punch
    • 5 sheet paper punch capacity
    • Creates a 1/4" hole
    • Paper chip holder makes clean-up fast and easy
    Part #: SWI-74005


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