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Under the same umbrella as GBC, meaning the same backing, quality, and ease of use, Swingline, offers a whole line of modern, extremely efficient paper shredders. Tough, reliable, and economical, this line rates the security of shredded documents on a scale of 1 to 5 according to their shred style. The majority of Swingline paper shredders MyBinding carries employ an innovative new anti-jam technology called "Jam Free" shredding making your life simpler and worry free. No more time wasted peeling a jammed mess from your company's machine. Many of these models have wonderful new features such as self-cleaning and self-oiling cutters which extend the life and performance of the unit or super-quiet operation with decibel levels lower than most on the market. This line delivers advanced performance and features that put their competitors in the back seat. Together with generous manufacturer warranties on cutters and machines, Swingline is the smart choice for personal, executive, small or large office paper shredders.

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  1. Swingline Recyclable Shredder Paper Bags

    • conveniently sized to provide a perfect fit into compatible Swingline shredders
    • reinforced with a top band to prevent ripping
    • pre-punched top holes allow for quick installation into shredder.
    • Capacity: 4 - 21 gal.

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    Swingline Recyclable 21-gallon Shredder Paper Bags for 500X - 1765030ASWI-1765030

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