Swingline Specialty Staplers
Sometimes a standard stapler just won't do the job and in those cases, Swingline has a few tricks up its sleeve. These specialty staplers are used for unique applications. For instance their hand / plier staplers are sometimes used for tacking fabric. Likewise the long reach model is used for booklet making. If you want a more traditional option Swingline makes all sorts of those. However, these units are really cool and interesting. Check them out today.
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  1. Swingline White Stapleless Stapler - 79198

    • Fastens up to 5 sheets at a time and eliminates the need to have both a stapler and staples
    • Limited 1 year warranty
    • Color: White
    • Compact, ergonomic design facilitates quick and easy handheld use for kids and adults alike
    Part #: SWI-79198


  2. Swingline Black Long Reach Stapler - 34121

    • Exceptional versatility: staples up to 12" from the paper's edge - perfect for center-stitch stapling or fastening cards or tags
    • Integrated ruler and adjustable locking paper guide ensure precision alignments and consistency
    • Durable all-metal construction for years of superior performance
    • Performance driven mechanism with an inner rail for jam-resistant stability and long-term stapling integrity
    Part #: SWI-34121


  3. Swingline Black and Gray Premium Hand Stapler - 29950

    • Soft Grip materials offer comfort and long-lasting durability
    • Durable, all-metal stapling mechanism ensures years of heavy use
    • Staples up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper
    • Integrated safety loop improves security in high-traffic environments ideal for dry cleaners, florists and checkout counters
    Part #: SWI-29950


3 Items

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