Victor Technology Standing Desks
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  1. Victor DCX110 Height Adjustable Laptop Desk/Riser

    • Perfect for laptop users (or single monitor) looking to increase productivity and energy with a standing desk.
    • Work surface measures 28.75” wide by 18.5” deep, providing plenty of space for laptop or single monitor users. Raises from 2.6” at lowest point up to 16” above the table/desk.
    • Easily adjust from sitting to standing in one smooth motion with gas spring piston. Squeeze lever to raise and lower desk converter.
    • Perfect for dorm rooms, bedrooms, and small offices.
    Part #: DCX110


  2. Victor High Rise Adjustable Stand-Up Desk Converter - DC200

    • Transforms Any Sit Down Desk Into A Stand-Up Desk (Does Not Lower To The Sitting Position)
    • Custom Height Lever
    • Sturdy Construction With Steel Base
    • Work Surface Rotates To Promote More Movement, But Can Be Locked If No Movement Is Preferred
    Part #: DC200


2 Items

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