Vivid Linea Laminators

These Vivid Linea Laminators are a great addition to a school, university, or any organization and business that requires high volume, continuous laminating jobs. Designed to work non-stop, these encapsulating laminators are durable, versatile, and extremely convenient. They can be used to laminate long banners, maps, documents or posters to a high standard of quality. Select the product you need from the DH-360 model that can encapsulate up to 55'' per minute with a maximum width of 13'', the DH-650 design that laminates prints with a width of up to 26'', or the larger DH-1100 laminator that operates with a speed of up to 63'' per minute, a width of up to 43'' and works with both 2'' and 3'' cores.
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