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Westcott Home and Office Products

Westcott Products
Westcott offers home and office products that let you trim, cut, and sharpen to perfection. Designed for personal or office use, their products are both versatile and convenient.
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High quality home and office products designed for personal or office use.
Find your new favorite pair of scissors with our varied, versatile, and practical pairs from Westcott.
Trim, cut, and sharpen perfectly with these Westcott Home and Office Products. Designed for personal or office use, these products are versatile and convenient. You can order a classic and economical manual pencil sharpener, go electric with a battery powered product, or choose the 6 hole pencil sharpener. Want a high quality trimmer? There are several designs available, including trimmers with metal or wooden bases, both featuring sharp titanium bonded blades. Need to replace your old scissors? We carry both simple designs and titanium non-stick straight scissors that will resist adhesives, making them perfect for artists or those working in mail rooms.