Wizard Wall Repositional Whiteboards
Wizard Wall
Wizard Wall White Board Systems make it easy to turn almost any surface into a white board. Browse their selection of easy to use products below.
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Wizard Wall
These Wizard Wall products are simply magical! We're certain you'll enjoy creating a whiteboard surface almost instantly, anywhere and in any size you want! You can use any dry surface in your home, school or office to attach the film. The ClingZ system means you'll never need pins, adhesives or nails, just attach, reposition, reuse, roll and apply again. You can use dry-erase markers or permanent ones. Select the product you need from the vast range below, we have them with widths of 28', 30' or 13', refill rolls, kits and even easel pads! Order your Wizard Wall products today and enter the fascinating world of ClingZ films!
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