X-Acto Pencil Sharpeners and Self Healing Mats

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Though best known for their knives and blades, X-Acto also produces high quality staplers, pencil sharpeners and hole punches. Browse their line of office equipment below.
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Cutters and Trimmers
X-Acto offers high quality and precision cutting machines and knives as well as self-healing cutting mats.
Office Equipment
X-Acto produces high quality staplers and hole punches.
From the brand that brought you the X-Acto knife these awesome manual, electric and battery powered pencil sharpeners are some of the best on the market. Whether you are looking for a personal unit for your desk, something for the kids in your classroom or a large electric unit for the office supply room or school workroom they make them all. Plus, these units come with an industry leading 10 year warranty on the hardened steel sharpening blades. Also, X-Acto Self Healing Mats are a unique accessory that is a must-have for hobbyists and designers who frequently use X-Acto knives and cutting tools. These cutting mats feature a special surface material which allows them to absorb cuts from a sharp knife or cutting tool and then magically retain their original surface. You won’t even be able to find the cut!Take a look at the different models above and start sharpening today.

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  1. X-Acto X3201 No.1 Knife with Aluminum Handle and Fine Point Blade

    • Cutting Style:Straight
    • Manufacturer Part Number:X3201
    • Weight (Approximate):0.64 oz
    • Material:Aluminum Handle
    Part #: EPIX3201


  2. X-Acto Boston Model Manual Pencil Sharpener - EPI1031

    • Product Type: Manual Pencil Sharpener
    • Holes: 8
    • Cutter: Steel
    • Receptacles: Steel - Nickel-Plated
    Part #: EPI1031


  3. X-Acto X-Life No. 16 Replacement Scoring Blades - 100pk

    • Designed for use with X-ACTO Type A handles
    • Material: Carbon Steel
    • Features: Rust Resistant, Self-sharpening, Lightweight
    • Blade Size: #16
    Part #: EPIX616


  4. X-Acto High Volume Electric Pencil Sharpener - EPI1606

    • Product Type: Electric Pencil Sharpener
    • Holes: 6
    • Receptacles: Extra Large
    • Safety and Security Features: Auto-reset, Pencil-saver, Guide, Suction
    Part #: EPI1606


  5. X-Acto Powerhouse Electric Pencil Sharpener

    • Product Type: Electric Pencil Sharpener
    • Holes: 1
    • Cutter: Steel Spiral
    • Safety and Security Features: Auto-reset, Pencil-saver

    Starting At: $36.20

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    X-Acto Black Powerhouse Electric Pencil Sharpener - EPI1799EPI1799
    X-Acto Blue Powerhouse Electric Pencil Sharpener - EPI1792EPI1792
  6. X-Acto 12" Laser Guillotine Paper Cutter with Plastic Base - 26234

    • Sheet Capacity: 12
    • Cut Length: 12"
    • Blade Material: Steel; Hardened Steel
    • Base Material: Plastic
    Part #: EPI26234


  7. X-Acto X602 No. 2 Precision Knife Replacement Blade - 100pk

    • For precision cutting of medium to heavyweight materials like cardboard, plastic, vinyl and more
    • Color: Silver
    • Blade Size: #2
    • Quantity: 100
    Part #: EPIX602


  8. X-Acto X611 No. 11 Classic Fine Point Knives Refill Blade - 100pk

    • Features hard, sharp points and finely honed cutting edges
    • Blue oxidized to prevent rust and increase durability
    • Features hard, sharp points and finely honed cutting edges
    • Length: 1-3/5"
    Part #: EPIX611


  9. X-Acto Squeeze Assorted Stand-Up Stapler - 73063

    • Stapler Type: Half Strip
    • Stands vertically on desktop for easy access
    • Soft grip fits comfortably in hand
    • Stapling Capacity:12 Sheets
    Part #: EPI73063


  10. X-Acto 18" Heavy Duty Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter - 26358

    • Cutting Length:18"
    • Application/Usage: Paper
    • Material: Steel Blade, Wood Base with Rubber Feet
    • Safety guard protects fingers from hardened steel blade
    Part #: EPI26358


  11. X-Acto Translucent White 12" x 18" Self-Healing Mats

    • One inch pattern helps in achieving accurate cuts
    • Translucent surface allows light to show through making it perfect for light tables
    • Keep one at your desk to protect its surface while cutting
    • Color is White
    Part #: XAC-7765


  12. X-Acto Power3 1700 Series Electric Pencil Sharpener

    • Product Type: Electric Pencil Sharpener
    • Holes: 1
    • Safety and Security Features: Pencil-saver
    • Color: Walnut or Black

    Starting At: $59.54

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  13. X-Acto SurGrip Retractable Utility Knife - X3274

    • Product Type:Utility Knife
    • Material:Metal
    • Features: Heavy Duty Utility Blade, Retractable
    • Application/Usage:Plastic, Packages, Rope, Carpet, Wallpaper, Canvas
    Part #: EPIX3274


  14. X-Acto Basic Knife Chest - X5082

    • Contains No. 1, 2 and 5 knives, plus 13 assorted blades
    • Chest is made of wood with fitted slots for each knife and blade
    • Cutting Style: Straight
    • Handy, fitted wood chest, convenient storage case
    Part #: EPIX5082


  15. X-Acto X2000 Black Rubberized Knife with Safety Cap

    • Product Type:Utility Knife
    • Designed for precise cutting, trimming and stripping
    • Has a rubberized comfort grip with anti-roll wedge and center-barrel blade release
    • Cutting Style:Straight
    Part #: EPIX3724


  16. X-Acto X3601 No.1 Knife with Aluminum Handle and Safety Cap

    • Product Type: Utility Knife
    • Color: Silver
    • Features an aluminum handle with a textured grip
    • Application/Usage: Plastic, Paper, Balsa, Thin Metal, Cloth, Film, Acetate
    Part #: EPIX3601


Items 1-16 of 61

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