X-Acto Guillotine Paper Cutters
Looking for a guillotine paper cutter that can cut through paper, photographs and films with ease and leave behind a perfectly clean and straight edge, every time? These X-Acto Guillotine Paper Cutters are ideal for you! Check out the range of products we have listed below, all made to a high standard of quality. Whether you need a blade length of just 12'' or 30'', want a product that can cut through 12 or 20 sheets of paper, we have them all here, at a price that will suit your budget. The self-sharpening blades and the ergonomic handles combine to offer you a practical and long-lasting product that will help you enhance your craft projects or increase your productivity.

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  1. X-Acto 12" Laser Guillotine Paper Cutter with Plastic Base - 26234

    • Sheet Capacity: 12
    • Cut Length: 12"
    • Blade Material: Steel; Hardened Steel
    • Base Material: Plastic
    Part #: EPI26234


  2. X-Acto 12" Wood Base Laser Guide Guillotine Paper Cutter - 26642

    • Cutting Supported:12 Sheet
    • Self-healing cutting mat with an easy-to-read grid
    • Auto-off battery-saver feature (battery included)
    • Cutting Length:12"
    Part #: EPI26642


  3. X-Acto 12" Heavy Duty Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter - 26312

    • Cutting Length:12"
    • Cutting Capacity: 12 Sheets
    • Material: Steel Cutting Head, Wood Base
    • Has an adjustable paper guide
    Part #: EPI26312


  4. X-Acto 24" x 24" Heavy Duty Guillotine Cutter - 26624

    • Cutting Length: 24"
    • Can cut papers, photos and films
    • Material: Solid Wood Base, Steel Blade
    • Cutting Capacity: 20 Sheets
    Part #: EPI26624


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4 Items

Display Type List Grid