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Zutter is the producer of the Bind-It-All, an easy to use wire binding machine that is perfect for any craftroom. This compact machine is great for binding calendars, scrapbooks and other handmade projects. Make your project stand out even more with the unique baby pink and baby blue wire.
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Wire Binding
Produce great looking craft projects with the Bind-It-All machine and twin loop wire.
These Zutter Binding Machines and Supplies are ideal for any scrapbooking and crafts enthusiasts that require a fast and easy way to make books, calendars, journals and more. Take a look at our selection of products above to find the one you need. The Bind-it-All V2.0 Punch and Bind Machine will help you get your craft projects to another level, as it can punch through 5 sheets at a time and can bind up to 150 sheets. Making your own notebooks and scrapbooks has never been easier! You can also order the twin loop wires you need, we have them in pink and baby blue, with a pitch of 2:1 and they can both hold from 80 to 160 sheets of 20lb paper.
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