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Sorry, but Challenge Medalist 870 Paper Folder is no longer available to buy.

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Challenge Medalist 870 Paper Folder
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Challenge Medalist 870 Paper Folder

Challenge Medalist 870 Paper Folder

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Brand: Challenge


The Challenge Medalist 870 offers the most standard floor-model features in a table-top folder. The Medalist easily handles coated and uncoated stock up to 14" x 20". The Medalist 870 is a heavy duty folding machine for commercial applications that demand accuracy, productivity and versatility. This folder can fold at speeds up to 30,000 sheets per hour and can be configured to fold almost any size of document. Plus, this folder is one of the only machines on the market that is capable of handling glossy or coated sheets. If you have a print shop or run an in-plant print facility then you should really consider using the Challenge Medalist 870 in your organization. Try it for yourself today.

Product Details

  • VERSATILITY AND CONTROL: The Medalist handles stock from 41/2 x 61/2 to 141/2 x 201/2, including coated paper. Combination steel/rubber rollers (photo 1) and roller calipers deliver the tightest folds and offer superior control, especially on slick stocks. Air for lift and separation is produced by the regenerative blower; suction is created by the vacuum pump. This provides impressive sheet control for a wide range of stocks.
  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: The Medalist folds up to 30,000 8-1⁄21/2 x 111/2 (28,000 A4) sheets per hour, with mark-free output. On the feeder, a fully adjustable metallic sheet separator helps eliminate double feeds. During folding, precision roller calipers hold roller gap based on paper thickness. At the delivery, a unique jam detector system stops the feeder before problems become significant.
  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE: A flip-up swing deflector (photo 2) lets stock bypass the fold plate. The feed table (photo 3) swings up for easy access to the lower fold plate. Perfing and scoring shafts are very accessible. The control panel (photo 4) has a built-in total counter and is accessible from either side. For even greater operator convenience, an extended delivery option is available.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The Medalist is built to last, and requires minimal maintenance. Rugged aluminum-alloy side frames, durable combination folding rollers, ultra-strong roll gears, heavy-duty slitter shafts, and vacuum feed help ensure long life and consistent accuracy. A transparent safety shield guards the paper exit area and meets strict CE safety standards.
  • GET THE EDGE: Contact your authorized Challenge dealer today for more information on how the Medalist can help your print shop stay a step ahead of the competition. You can count on Challenge dealers for qualified service and original-equipment Challenge parts.
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: Challenge combination fold rollers deliver crisp, tight folds and provide superior control of slick paper stocks.
  • QUICK & EASY SET-UP: Flip-up swing deflectors allow set-up changes without fully removing fold plates.
  • EASY ACCESS: A swing-away feed table allows easy access to the lower fold plate.
  • CONVENIENT OPERATION: Accessible from either side, the control panel includes a counter and reset button.


  • Maximum Sheet Size: 14


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Challenge Medalist 870 Paper Folder Review

In businesses dealing with professional paper products, a high quality, heavy duty paper folder is a must. One ideal pick is the Challenge Medalist 870 Paper Folder. This robust machine is designed specifically for commercial applications and delivers excellent accuracy, productivity, and versatility. It is built to last and requires minimal maintenance. Here is a look at the details of the Challenge 870.


  • This machine is known for excellent control, even when using coated or glossy stocks. Combination steel and rubber rollers provide superior control of slick stocks. The roller calipers automatically adjust for variations in thickness, allowing a wide variety of paper weights to go through precisely. A control panel is conveniently accessible from both sides of the machine and includes a built-in counter.

  • Almost any fold is possible by manipulating the fold plates to your specifications. The flip-up swing deflectors allow for easy setup changes without needing to fully remove the plates.

  • A blower lifts and separates the pages while a vacuum pump provides suction to feed individual sheets into the plates. The feeder offers an adjustable metallic sheet separator that eliminates double folds from occurring. If a jam occurs, the jam detection system stops the feeder so the plates can be cleared before the problem worsens.

  • Paper as small as 4.5" by 6.5" up to 14.5" by 20.5" can be processed by this powerful machine, one of the widest variations on the market. It also accepts a broad range of paper weights, from 9lb bond to 65lb cover. Most notably, it provides accurate feeding and crisp folding of glossy and coated stocks, one of few folders to do so.

  • Items are processed as fast as 30,000 sheets per hour without any marks on the paper. The exit is guarded by a transparent safety shield, which meets strict CE safety standards.

  • Challenge provides a one year warranty on this product. Its heavy duty construction is built to last. Boasting of aluminum-alloy side frames, durable rollers, hearty roll gears and slitter shafts, and vacuum feed, these features are all intended to provide long life and consistency.


  • With such a heavy duty machine, it's hard to imagine any flaws. But one thing worth considering is how often you'll be changing the plates. We suspect that most offices interested in this machine are looking for a commercial-grade product and have ample experience in plate setup. For some businesses, the process of setting up the fold plates is such a hassle that they would rather have an automated machine. For that purpose, we recommend the MBM 352S.

  • One other thing to be aware of is this device is extremely heavy. However, there are casters mounted on the bottom for easier portability and this doesn't seem to be a big complaint among most users.

As you can see from the many strengths, the Challenge Medalist 870 is ideal for professional print shops or in-plant printers. It processes a wide variety of paper weights and sizes at an impressive speed and is one of the few folders available that take in glossy and coated stocks. We think the Medalist 870 is an excellent choice for your next commercial air feed paper folder.

Questions & Answers
Hello Where can I source a replacement seer of rollers for the Medalist 870 Folder? Thanks for your response.
Asked by Davidson Christmas
Thank you for your question. Even though we do not stock replacement parts, we can reach out to the manufacturer and get pricing and availability for you. Please give us a call @ 1-800-944-4573 and we would be happy to help.

Answered by MyBinding 1 years and 10 months ago ago
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