Converd 24" x 36" Biodegradable 1/4" Mount Board - 10pk

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Converd 24" x 36" Biodegradable 1/4" Mount Board is an eco-friendly all-paper honeycomb alternative to foam, plastic, metal, and wood graphics board. Its surface and core are from 100% fully recyclable and biodegradable paper that is environmentally sustainable. The board is ¼” thick, bright white, and dimensionally stable surface is suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor point-of-purchase and signage applications such as hanging signages, indoor POP menu boards, standees, end caps, aisle markers, window signages, trade show signage displays, tabletop danglers, and even custom packaging. Cutting and trimming is easier as the board cuts cleanly, its surface and flatness is comparable to Sintra and Gator boards. It can also be used in applications that require a non-acidic surface such as in photography and archival applications. Converd has fused sustainability and function; it has maintained its integrity by not compromising print quality and surface characteristics that are critical in most applications. It features a unique fluted design that makes the board lightweight and sturdy. The board can withstand comprehensive loads and provide outstanding strength, rigidity, and warp resistance. Compared to other media, Converd Mount Boards are moisture-resistant. It remains dimensionally stable even with temperature change and humidity. Each pack has 10 boards. Reduce environmental impact while increasing the business with Converd 24" x 36" Biodegradable 1/4" Mount Board.

Product Details

  • 1/4" thick all white board.
  • 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable.
  • Short term outdoor use.
  • Rugged and flat- compare to Gator and Sintra.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Cuts cleanly.
  • 10 sheets per box.