Electric Rotary Trimmers
Electric rotary trimming takes out the human error when bringing a rotary trimmer's head across the media. Using an electric trimmer is the easiest way to get a clean, precise cut. Align your project, start the cut, and watch it do all the work for you! Electric trimmers are activated by a foot pedal, which leaves you with both hands free to work with your media, and to save you time.

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  1. Neolt Electro Power Trim 145 Electric 57" Rotary Cutter with Stand

    • Has a robust rotating blade cutting head in hardened steel, mounted on a square sliding bar, and a fixed blade in painted stainless steel mounted on a reinforced cutting table.
    • Features the horizontal output of the material on the back or into the waste collection container.
    • Metal parts are painted with epoxy powders providing maximum resistance to cuts and scratches.
    • Includes a stand for ground positioning with adjustable feet, the container for waste collection, the adjustable guides, a cutting-line fluorescent wire and the lamp for lighting the cutting area.
    Part #: NEPTP145


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1 Item

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