Electric Rotary Trimmers
Electric rotary trimming takes out the human error when bringing a rotary trimmer's head across the media. Using an electric trimmer is the easiest way to get a clean, precise cut. Align your project, start the cut, and watch it do all the work for you! Electric trimmers are activated by a foot pedal, which leaves you with both hands free to work with your media, and to save you time.
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  1. Neolt Electro Power Trim Plus 165 65" Electric Paper Cutter w/ Stand and Waste Container

    • Stell working plane t holder made of transparent plastic.
    • The working plane is an epoxydic powder, with a serigraphy grid to ease the cutting in different formats and reference set-square.
    • Provided with lamp over cutting area.
    • Fixed blade in painted stainless steel, mounted on a reinforced cutting plane.
    Part #: NEPTP165


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1 Item

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