Substrate Cutters for Acrylic/Plexiglass Cutting

Looking for a cutter that can handle acrylic and plexiglass and cut these materials perfectly? Look no further than this amazing selection of products to find the right match for your requirements. These substrate cutters come in a huge range of sizes and models, to suit virtually any need. We carry both vertical and desktop cutters, with both designs available in a variety of options. For example, the desktop substrate cutters have a length of 60’’ and up to 120’’, and they also come with a range of included accessories so you can start cutting right away. If you need a professional vertical cutter, you can choose from numerous products, whether you want a vertical panel saw with a maximum crosscut of 74’’, a multi-material cutter for more versatility, or a cutter with 4 turn and lock mounted tools to cut instantly.
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