Dahle 20304 Level 2 Strip Cut Small Office Paper Shredder
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Dahle 20304 Level 2 Strip Cut Small Office Paper Shredder

Part #: DA20304
Brand: Dahle
  • Shred Size: 1/8" Strip Cut - Security Level 2
  • Feed Width: 9 1/2"
  • Capacity: 15 / 18 Sheets
  • Speed: 17 ft/min
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Product Description

Proficiency best describes this Dahle Small Office Shredder with its ability to get the job done quickly and easily with minimal effort. Small offices or teams of employees will benefit from the ease of use and quiet operation of this small to mid-size shredder. Designed to shred between 100 and 400 sheets of paper per day, it's perfect for destroying personnel records, client proposals and tax information. Dahle's 20304 is built with a 9 ¹/2" feed opening to accommodate both letter and legal size paper with ease. This strip-cut machine offers a ¹/8" particle size and is able to shred to security level 2 standards. All you need to do is decide what document to shred and this Dahle Small Office shredder will take care of the rest. This professional shredder is constructed using a wooden cabinet with swing open door. The door hides the addition of a removable Shred Box which makes changing bags easier. This box can be easily lined with Dahle’s Disposable Shred Bags and emptied or recycled when full. If you’re not sure when that will be - don’t worry. Your shredder will inform you with its visual warning indicators. Once your shredder is empty and the door is closed, it will resume normal operation.

Product Details

  • Quality German engineering ensures precision, durability and silent operation
  • Designed to shred between 100 and 400 sheets per day. The 20304 offers quick and easy destruction of confidential materials.
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Item Specifications

  • Shred Size: 1/8" Strip Cut - Security Level 2
  • Feed Width: 9 1/2"
  • Capacity: 15 / 18 Sheets
  • Speed: 17 ft/min
  • Motor: 2/5 Hp 115V
  • Waste Bin: 7.5 Gal
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Dimensions: 21 3/4" x 16" x 11 1/2"
  • Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on Cutting Cylinders, 2 Year on Parts, and Labor

Staff Review

Dahle 20304 Strip-Cut Shredder Review

There’s a place for a good paper shredder in every office these days, including smaller ones. Whether you just want to dispose of old bank statements or your find yourself needing to comply with a federal law such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a shredder is a good thing to have around. One that was designed for small office use is the Dahle 20304. Here’s what you need to know about this machine.

  • The 20304 has an excellent shredding capacity for a small office shredder. It’s capable of shredding up to 18 sheets of 20 lb. paper at once. The feed opening is 9.5 inches wide, so it will be easy to shred documents that are legal-sized (8.5″ x 14″) and smaller. Shredding won’t take too long because this device can shred up to 17 feet of material per minute. In fact, it can shred as many as 400 sheets a day.
  • This shredder is a strip-cut model that will produce shreds that are 1/8″ wide. It has a Level 2 security rating (Level 6 is the highest) so it’s perfect for shredding financial records, computer printouts, and more.
  • The 20304 has extremely durable blades that can handle staples and paper clips. You’ll be able to insert fastened documents directly into the machine which can be a real time-saver. You can also shred credit cards. However, you won’t be able to shred CD’s or floppy disks. (You’ll need a multimedia shredder to take care of those items.)
  • This machine will start running automatically so you can just insert your paper and then go do something else. There’s even a toggle switch to allow you to switch between on and off modes, as well start the reverse function. (The latter will come in handy if you ever experience a paper jam.)
  • The 20304’s waste bin can hold up to 7.5 gallons of shreds. When the bin gets full, you’ll have a chance to empty it because the machine will cease operation. If you’d like to change the bag less often, you can use gusseted bags that expand to hold a lot more material.
  • If you’d like to keep your office as quiet as possible, you’ll be glad to know that the 20304 is one of the most quiet shredders around. That’s because there are rubber shock mounts and a wooden cabinet that will absorb some of the vibrations. The result? A much quieter office environment.
  • Like the majority of their products, Dahle has give the 20304 a terrific warranty. All of the parts are covered for two years except the cutting head, which is covered for as long as you own the machine.


The 20304 is a terrific paper shredder for today’s small offices. Its shredding capacity is excellent and you’ll love being able to shred hundreds of sheets every day. Even though you can’t shred CD’s or floppy disks with this device, you’ll appreciate its paper shredding abilities and its quiet operation. Get one of the best small office shredders on the market: get the Dahle 20304.

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