Dahle 20404 Level 2 Strip Cut Small Office Paper Shredder
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Dahle 20404 Level 2 Strip Cut Small Office Paper Shredder

Part #: DA20404
Brand: Dahle
  • Shred Size: 1/8" Strip Cut - Security Level 2
  • Feed Width: 9 1/2"
  • Capacity: 16 / 20 Sheet
  • Speed: 18ft/min
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Product Description

Proficiency best describes this Dahle Small Office Shredder with its ability to get the job done quickly and easily with minimal effort. Small offices or teams of employees will benefit from the ease of use and quiet operation of this mid-size shredder. Designed to shred between 100 and 400 sheets of paper per day, it's perfect for destroying personnel records, client proposals and tax information. Dahle's 20404 is built with a 9

Product Details

  • Shred Size: 1/8" Strip Cut - Security Level 2
  • Feed Width: 9 1/2"
  • Capacity: 16 / 20 Sheet Capacity
  • Speed: 18ft/min
  • Motor: 1/2 Hp 115V
  • Waste Bin: 10 Gal
  • Weight: 10 Gal
  • Dimensions: 25" x 16" x 14"
  • Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on Cutting Cylinders, 2 Year on Parts, and Labor

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Dahle 20404 Level 2 Strip Cut Small Office Paper Shredder Review

Designed to be centrally located in a small office setting, the Dahle 20404 is a strip cut shredder capable of destroying up to 400 sheets per day. We recently took a look at the features of the 20404 and compiled a list of what we consider to be its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. For a mid size shredder, the 20404 features a pretty nice capacity of 20 sheets at a time, and 18 feet per minute. All this adds up to somewhere between 100 and 400 sheets per day, which should meet the needs for your average small office just fine.
  2. Some shredders can be a little difficult to figure out, but that is not the case for the 20404. With its simple toggle switch operation giving you the option of three settings: automatic on/off, continuous run, and reverse.
  3. The dimensions of the 20404 (25″ by 16″ by 14″) make it a great choice for smaller offices where space is at a premium.
  4. The 20404’s feed opening is 9.5″ across, meaning that it easily accommodates both letter and legal sized sheets. This should get you through the vast majority of shredding jobs that just about any office should encounter.
  5. The wood construction of the cabinet really seems to cut down on the noise associated with using a shredder, and that’s a good thing in any size office. The shred box is removable which makes the task of emptying it much easier, and you can line the box with Dahle shredder bags to make it easier still. This shredder also has an auto off function when the bag is full, and it will let you know with a visual indicator.
  6. The cutting heads are made of German steel, and are guaranteed by Dahle for the life of the machine


  1. As a strip cut Level 2 machine, the 20404 does not offer you the security a cross cut machine would. If you are looking for a shredder to meet federal regulations regarding the destruction of sensitive client and employee information, you will need to purchase at least a Level 3 machine, such as the Dahle 20314.
  2. While the 20404 can handle stapes and paper clips without any problems, you will not be able to shred items such as CDs, DVDs, or floppy discs with the 20404. For that, you will need to step up to one of Dahle’s Multi Media shredders.
  3. Unless a shredder is rated for continuous use, you will need to be aware that all shredders have their limits. While the 20404 can handle up to 400 sheets a day, it is designed for intermittent use and not continual shredding. To avoid overheating, you should avoid trying to complete huge shredding jobs in one sitting.
  4. Another maintenance note not necessarily specific to the 20404: shredders need to be oiled on a regular basis in order to keep the cutting heads functioning properly. There are oiling sheets or shredding oil available for this purpose. Regularly oiling the shredding heads will help to keep your machine running at top capacity for years to come.

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