Dahle 30114 Level 3 Cross Cut Personal Paper Shredder
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Dahle 30114 Level 3 Cross Cut Personal Paper Shredder

Part #: DA30114
Brand: Dahle
  • Shred Size: 1/8" x 1 9/16" Cross Cut - Security Level 3
  • Feed Width: 8 3/4"
  • Capacity: 6 / 7 Sheet
  • Speed: 15ft/min
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Product Description

It’s all about convenience with a Dahle Personal Shredder. Whether you’re an executive, a secretary, or someone looking for added security at home, this machine is small enough to accommodate any workspace yet powerful enough to get the job done. Dahle’s smallest shredder is designed for shredding up to 100 sheets of paper per day and is perfect for destroying bank statements, credit applications and financial records. This shredder can be conveniently placed at arms length so you never have to leave your desk to properly dispose of confidential documents. Dahle's 30114 is built with an 8³/4" feed opening to accommodate both letter and legal size paper with ease. It's small enough to fit under your desk yet large enough to handle 8 gallons of shredded waste. This shredder features Automatic On/ Off operation that uses an electronic sensor to turn the machine on. All you have to do is position your document in the feed opening and the shredder will take care of the rest. Bag Full Auto Off is another convenient function that notifies you when the shred bag is full and needs to be changed. It’s these state-of-the-art features that saves you time and takes the burden out of shredding your documents. Dahle’s Personal shredders are made in Germany using the latest technology and finest materials. Each component is manufactured and assembled with precision from over 20 years of experience. The end result is a quality machine and peace of mind in knowing your Dahle shredder will provide many years of trouble free operation.

Product Details

  • Quality German Engineering means the 30114 is Designed and built to exacting standards, Built to last and known for its Quiet operation.
  • Shreds up to 100 sheets of paper per day this shredder offers quick and easy destruction of confidential materials
  • Desk side placement makes it easy to shred single or multiple sheets of paper at a time without having to leave your desk
  • Shred paper to security level 3 standards.
  • 8 ³/4" Feed opening for both letter and legal sized documents
  • Automatic on/off allows you to insert paper and walk away saving operating time and increasing productivity.
  • Auto shut off when door is open or cutting head is removed.
  • Solid steel cutting blades are made from a single piece of steel that is stronger and more durable then cutting knives stacked together
  • The 30114 shredder has a thermally Protected Motor that prevents overheating during shredding and saves money in costly repairs
  • 8 gallon integral waste bin holds a large volume of waste and needs to be changed less frequently
  • Weighs only 30lbs making the 30114 lightweight and easy to move.
  • Toggle switch offers single control for on, off, and reverse
  • Gussetted waste bags expand to collect a larger amount of material and offer hassle free removal of shredded waste material

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Item Specifications

  • Shred Size: 1/8" x 1 9/16" Cross Cut - Security Level 3
  • Feed Width: 8 3/4"
  • Capacity: 6 / 7 Sheet Capacity
  • Speed: 15ft/min
  • Motor: 1/2 Hp (115v)
  • Waste Bin: 8 Gallon
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Dimensions: 21" x 15 1/2" x 12"
  • Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on Cutting Cylinders, 2 Year on Parts, and Labor

Staff Review

Dahle 30114 Personal Shredder Review

The Dahle 30114 is a personal-use shredder designed to be placed beside your desk and used occasionally throughout the day. Here is a list of this machine’s strengths and weaknesses as we saw them during a recent test.


  1. This is the smallest shredder offered by Dahle, but it still packs a pretty impressive punch. The small size makes it perfect for its intended use which is to be placed within arms length of your desk for fast easy shredding when the need arises. Dahle claims that this machine can shred up to 100 sheets in a typical day, and our testing found that the 30114 was up to that task.
  2. There are a lot of personal desk side shredders on the market with a lot of different capabilities. There are not all that many of this type of shredder, however, that offer level 3 security. Considering the increase in identity theft crimes, and the ever-present possibility of someone going through your trash or recycling to get your personal info, level 3 security paper shredder should be considered the minimum you should look for in a personal shredder. The 30114 offers a nice cross cut that gives you ample security for destroying such documents as bank statements, financial records and credit card applications.
  3. The feed opening width of 8.75″ inches is wide enough for the vast majority of documents you will be needing to shred. It can handle both letter and legal sized sheets without any problem at all.
  4. The 8 gallon capacity is pretty nice for such a small shredder. Plus the cross cut mechanism will help to cut down on the frequency of bag changes. That is always nice.
  5. We found the controls very easy to use, and especially liked the function that allowed us to place the machine in automatic on/off mode. When this function is activated, all the user has to do is to place their documents into the feed opening. The machine starts automatically and stops when the job is done. Very handy. Also, as a safety function, the machine will not operate when the shred bin is full.
  6. The design of the cutting blades is pretty unique and very effective. Instead of the stacked-together cutting knives that a lot of the shredders use, this machine utilizes blades that are made out of single solid rod of steel that is a lot stronger and should prove to be much more durable as well. Dahle seems to think so, anyway, as they offer a lifetime guarantee on these cutting blades.


  1. This is a machine that is intended to be used sporadically throughout the day, and should not be used to do a large amount of shredding in one sitting. Overheating is less of a danger with the thermal protection on the motor, but if you try to use this machine past its capabilities, you will likely end up having to wait for the shredder to cool down before you can continue shredding.
  2. Shredders need to be oiled on a regular basis and this one is no exception. Dahle offers no auto oiling system that can be added to the 30114. That means that you will need to stay on top of that particular maintenance yourself, just like you would with any other shredder.

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