Dahle Personal Letter Folder
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Dahle Personal Letter Folder

Part #: 10540
Brand: Dahle
  • Compact and lightweight unit that fits neatly on any desk
  • Can fold up to 5 pages of paper at a time
  • Will fold stapled sheets of paper
  • Quiet operation will not disrupt normal office activities
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Product Description

Increase your productivity on your next mailing with a Dahle Letter Folder. These durable folders can fold up to 5 sheets of paper at a time and are quiet enough as to not disturb normal office function. These machines fir neatly on any desk and model 10560 will produce a variety of common paper folds. So the next opportunity you have to mail invoices, send out a survey, or mail a business letter, Dahle Letter Folders will save you time and increase the productivity on your task.

Product Details

  • Compact and lightweight unit that fits neatly on any desk
  • Can fold up to 5 pages of paper at a time
  • Will fold stapled sheets of paper
  • Quiet operation will not disrupt normal office activities
  • Made of high impact plastic
  • Weighs only 9 lbs
  • Part Number: 10540

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Staff Review

Dahle 10540 Personal Letter Folder Review

Are you a receptionist, secretary, or other office professional who has to fold letters and invoices as part of your job? Do you find this type of work a little frustrating and maybe even tedious? If so, then you need to read about Dahle’s 10540 Personal Letter Folder. This is a great little device that can help you out with your folding duties so you can spend your workday on activities that are more productive and mentally stimulating. This review will illuminate the 10540’s bright spots, as well as fill you in on how Dahle could improve this product. So let’s get going to take a good look at the 10540!

What’s Great About This Letter Folder?

  • The desks of most office professionals don’t have a lot of extra real estate in which to place yet another office machine. Between your computer, mouse, phone, printer, postage meter, and so on, you’re lucky if you have enough room on your desk for cup of coffee. So do you have enough room for the 10540? Chances are you do because this a very compact machine. It measures 14″ wide and 6.75″ tall, so you should be able to find room for it even if your desk is cluttered. Plus, this machine only weighs 9 pounds, so you can easily move it to another location if you need to.
  • Offices are noisy places thanks to the chirping of cell phones, the whine of a printer, an unanswered phone ringing off the hook, as well as your co-workers’ conversations. More noise is the last thing you need, so luckily, the 10540 is very quiet. You’ll barely be able to hear it. That should make your workplace a much more pleasant environment.
  • One thing that makes work easier is being able to have your photocopier staple your documents. It saves a lot of time, for one thing. The 10540 can fold stapled documents so not only will you not have to staple your documents, hand folding will be a thing of the past.
  • The 10540 can fold documents that contain up to five pages. This makes the machine perfect for the folding of everyday documents and invoices.

What’s Not So Great About This Letter Folder?

  • The 10540 won’t be of too much help if you often need to fold documents that are longer than five pages, unfortunately.
  • This machine lacks some of the features of Dahle’s other letter folder, the 10560, such as a paper tray that can hold 50 sheets of paper and a paper catch that will store your documents after they’ve been folded.
  • Since the 10540 lacks a paper tray, you will need to feed your documents into the machine one at a time. Sure, it’s not much fun, but it’s still better than folding everything by hand.

Although the Dahle 10540 Personal Letter Folder lacks some of the attributes of the 10560, it’s still a nice, affordable machine that is worth a look, especially if folding letters isn’t one of your favorite tasks. If that’s the case, consider purchasing the 10540 for your work area!

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