DestroyIt 4004 Strip Cut Shredder
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DestroyIt 4004 Strip Cut Shredder

Part #: MB-4004SC
Brand: Destroyit
  • 48 Gallon Bin Capacity
  • Strip Width: 1/4"
  • Sheet Capacity: 50-55 sheets
  • Shred Speed: 30-60 ft / min.
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Product Description

The DestroyIt 4004 Cross Cut Shredder from MBM is a great heavy duty, high volume, centralized office shredder designed to shred large ammounts of material daily. The DestroyIt 4004 Cross Cut Shredder two automatic speed modes:

Product Details

  • Quiet and powerful motor (2 4/5 maximum horsepower) rated for continuous operation
  • Fully enclosed, dust proof gearbox housing
  • High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters
  • Pull-out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for easy replacement of disposable shred bags
  • Optional sound reduction cover and storage rack for feeding continuous forms.
  • 48 Gallon Bin Capacity
  • Strip Width : 1/4 "
  • Sheet Capacity: 50-55 sheets
  • Shred Speed: 30-60 ft / min.
  • Security Level: 2
  • Feed Opening: 16"
  • Max. Horsepower: 2 5/8
  • Dimensions: 22" H x 24" W x 40 1/2" D
  • Weight: 289 lbs

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MBM Destroyit 4004 Strip Cut Shredder Review

The MBM Destroyit 4004 Strip Cut Shredder is a big-office shredder that is intended to handle high-volume shredding jobs on a continuous and daily basis. Here is a rundown of some of the strengths and weaknesses of the 4004 Strip Cut Shredder.


1. The Destroyit 4004 Strip Cut is powered by a fairly unique system. Featuring a motor that operates at around 2 4/5 Hp, it already ranks as one of the more powerful shredder motors out there. It enables the typical user to shred at about 48 feet per minute – an impressively high rate of speed for a centralized office shredder. Where the “unique” factor really comes in, however is with the motor’s automatic two speed abilities. First there is a “power” mode which kicks in when the user needs to shred larger loads of paper at one time. There is also, however, a “speed” mode for use when the shredder is being asked to shred smaller amounts. The two separate modes kick in, as we said, automatically, so you don’t have to choose which mode to run the machine is. We don’t know for certain which is the quickest method of getting through a large stack of shredding, but it’s nice to see the increased abilities.

2. The 4004 Strip Cut claims the ability to shred up to around 55 sheets at a time. Our testing showed that, if we fanned the pages across the entire width of the paper feed opening, that the shredder was able to perform at of near the stated capacity more often than not. This kind of capacity can vary greatly, it is important to know, according to various factors such as the relative quality of the power supply in your building, the weight and thickness of the paper you are shredding at any given time, and even the relative humidity of the region in which you live. Any way you slice it, however (pun intended), the 4004 Strip Cut is a high-capacity shredder.

3. We found Operating the Destroyit 4004 Strip Cut to be very simple. A single rocker switch controls all of the functions, so the user is never unsure of the machine’s operational mode. Sensors at the feed enable automatic on/off function, so you set the machine for simple “walk away” operation, meaning your time spent at the shredder is shortened.

4. The 4004 Strip Cut’s 16 inch feed opening helps increase the sheet capacity with the aforementioned fanning abilities, and also enables the shredder to accommodate larger sheets such as EDP computer printouts.

5. The 4004 Strip Cut has some basic safety features such as the automatic reverse function in the event of an overfeed. If a paper jam does occur, the motor is set up to stop immediately and automatically. The power will also cut off when the cabinet door is opened and when the shredder’s waste receptacle is full.

6. The 4004 Strip Cut has some small but convenient touches such as the extra large shred box that is placed on rollers for easy emptying, and the heavy duty casters that allow you to move the machine around the office if need be.


1. We cannot honestly claim that the 4004 Strip Cut operates in a very quiet fashion by itself. There is an available “sound reduction cover” designed to go with the machine, but we didn’t get a chance to test it out.

2. The 4004 Strip Cut, as the name suggests, shreds paper into a strip cut pattern, meaning that it is not FACTA compliant, and does not offer a very high level of security. If you want a similar machine that adheres to the requirements of FACTA, you should take a look at the Cross Cut version of the 4004, which offers all the same features at a slightly lower, but still impressive, sheet capacity.

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