Destroyit 4605 High Capacity Strip Cut Shredder
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Destroyit 4605 High Capacity Strip Cut Shredder

Part #: MB-4605SC
Brand: Destroyit
  • Security Level: 2
  • Strip Width: 1/4"
  • Sheet Capacity: 75-90 sheets
  • Shred Speed: 40 ft / min.
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Product Description

For organizations with a need for high volume shredding, an in-house shredding program based around Destroyit high capacity shredders is the most secure and economical way of disposing sensitive documents. Using a shredding service adds needless risk and expense. When you turn over documents to an outside company for disposal, you are effectively relinquishing control of your document security program. The more hands your documents pass through, the greater the chance they will be viewed by others. The Destroyit 4605 High Capcity Strip Cut Shredder has a top loading feed hopper for bulky materials such as crumpled paper from wastebaskets. The Destroyit 4605 also has special rotating paddles for positive feeding of bulky materials into the cutting head It has a standard feed opening for flat paper with automatic start and stop controlled by photo cell. The Destroyit 4605 also includes other great features such as a fold-away feed table, main switch and emergency stop button, automatic reverse in the case of a paper jam, soft-touch control keys for forward/stop/revers and optical indicators that show operational status. The MBM Destroyit 4605 High capcity shredder has high quality hardend steel cutting shafts that are soft metal resistant and can take CDs and hardbound documents. It comes with a 10 year warranty on cutting shafts and has a high powered 3 phase motor (7 1/2 maximum horsepower) rated for continuous operation.

Product Details

  • Fully enclosed, dust-proof gearbox housing
  • Cabinet door opens from front
  • Mobile shred bin for easy repacment of disposable shred bags.
  • 61gallon bin capacity
  • Automatic stop when hopper or cabinet door is opened or when shred bag is full
  • Thermal switch prevents overheating
  • Small footprint
  • Mounted on heavy duty casters
  • Strip Width : 1/4 "
  • Sheet Capacity: 75-90 sheets
  • Shred Speed: 40 ft / min.
  • Security Level: 2
  • Feed Opening: 18"
  • Max. Horsepower: 7 1/2
  • Dimensions: 30" H x 29" W x 67" D
  • Weight: 701 lbs

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MBM Destroyit 4605 Shredder Review

The Destroyit 4605 is a high-capacity industrial shredder with a top-loading mechanism that is rated for continuous use. In the following report, we will take a closer look at the 4605, and what we consider to be its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. For such powerful shredder, the 4605 has a remarkably small footprint of 30 by 29 inches.
  2. We liked that the 4605 has two different feed methods: a top loader into which you can put bulky stuff like crumpled paper from wastebaskets, and a more standard feed opening which has a photocell that controls the shredding mechanism, turning it on and off automatically.
  3. There is a fold away table which gives you a nice little workspace when you are using the flat paper feed.
  4. For safety, there is an emergency stop button, and the machine also has an automatic reverse and power cut off in case of overfeeding. The power also cuts off when the hopper is lifted, the cabinet door is opened, or when the shred bin is full.
  5. The controls are clearly marked, and easy to figure out. There are separate buttons for forward, reverse, and stop. The operation status f the shredder is always shown by the optical indicators.
  6. The 4605 is a shredder’s shredder, and it can handle CDs, staples, paperclips, and even hardbound books with ease. The strip cut model’s sheet capacity is an amazing 75 to 90, while the cross cut model can handle 50 to 60 sheets at a time. Even with that kind of capacity and use, Destroyit demonstrates the faith they have in the 4606 by offering a lifetime warranty on the cutting shafts.
  7. This is a shredder that is rated for continuous operation, and as such should not ever overheat on you. While we can’t testify to that, we can state that throughout our testing, the 4606 never gave a hint of needing a rest.
  8. We found the shred bin very easy to maneuver and replace. It is on its own set of wheels, which is very handy for a bin that is able to hold a whopping 61 gallons of shredded material.
  9. The casters that the 4605 came with are heavy duty. That is a very good thing for a machine that weighs in at a hefty 700 pounds.


  1. Because there are so few shredders like this one on the market, it is hard to make fair comparisons. One thing we did wonder about was some of the aspects related to the safety of using the 4605’s top-loading feed. The black and yellow line at the top of the hopper, for instance, is a clear indication that anything that is not meant to be shredded shouldn’t go beyond that point, and that should be enough. Not by any stretch are we saying that the 4605 isn’t safe, we would just like to see more assurance that it is. We also want to stress that proper training of every user before they use the 4605 would render any concerns moot.
  2. This is a massive shredder and is suited for high volume shredding applications. It is awesome for placement in a basement or inside of its own room. However, this is not the type of shredder that you would want to place inside an office beside your copier. In fact, most organizations that use this type of shredder will have shred bins throughout their facility that they gather together on regular intervals for centralized shredding.

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