If you are running a small business or a small office, a shredder is not only a safe idea, it's a smart one. Don't take the risk of losing your client's sensitive information or your company's for that matter, it could end up costing you. Our line of Destroyit small office paper shredders is ideal for just this. A top name in the shredding industry, Destroyit machines are a proven asset to offices and workplaces. Enjoy the comfort you get with a name brand, with our support and customer service.

Enjoy the capacity to be able to completely destroy all of your offices or company's sensitive data. With this line of Destroyit large office paper shredders you can manage to keep multiple parties satisfied, as it has a larger capacity than most, and can run for longer periods of time. Backed by a powerful and reputable name brand, these units come with a full line of high end features and an impressive warranty. We have everything in this line from strip, cross, and micro cut. When dealing with multitudes of sensitive information like larger offices do, make sure you are covered and have wide range access to a powerful shredding machine.

You can never be too careful when it comes to precious, sensitive, or confidential data. This may belong to you, or your clients, either way; it needs to be completely destroyed. Our line of Destroyit high security paper shredders turn complete documents and turn them into particle like powder, rendering them completely unidentifiable by any means. Like all things MBM, these machines are powerful and built with safety in mind; after all it is a top of the line name brand.