DFG Office Ecoil EC1000 Coil Binding Machine with Inserter
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DFG Office Ecoil EC1000 Coil Binding Machine with Inserter

Part #: DFGEC1000
Brand: DFG
  • Heavy Duty Manual Punch: up to 25 sheets(20 lbs)
  • Electric Power Binding: Foot-pedal activated roller significantly increases productivity and greatly reduces operator fatigue (particularly compared to under-mounted rollers)
  • Sturdy metal construction: very durable
  • Side Margin Control: adjust alignment quickly and easily
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Product Description

The EC1000 is a heavy duty, reliable, and user-friendly spiral coil binding machine. It is ideal for the small office, quick printer, church or school. The Office Ecoil includes a medium duty punch along with an electric coil inserter that is built into the top of the machine. The EC1000 coil binding machine includes a pair of coil crimping pliers and even has a built in sizing guide to ensure you select the right size of coil for your projects. Buy the EC1000 Coil Binding Machine and get $15 in free supplies!!! Don't be fooled by our competitors who claim you get $5 in supplies with this machine but then make you pay freight on the supplies. With us you get to pick the supplies that you want and need. Plus, you get free shipping on the supplies and the machine. You can pick your supplies when you order the machine or we can send you a coupon to use on a future order. You pick.

Product Details

  • Heavy Duty Manual Punch: up to 25 sheets (20 lbs)
  • Electric Power Binding: foot-pedal activated roller significantly increases productivity and greatly reduces operator fatigue (particularly compared to under-mounted rollers)
  • Sturdy metal construction: very durable
  • Side Margin Control: adjust alignment quickly and easily
  • Coil Size Selector- Built-in indicator shows suggested coil size
  • Adjustable Punch Margin: improve all books' strength and design
  • Open Throat Design with EasyPunch: Easily punch any size book
  • Large Waster Drawer
  • One Pair of Heavy Duty Coil Crimping Pliers is Included

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Item Specifications

  • Model: EC1000
  • Description: Heavy Duty Manual Coil Punch and Electrical Binding Machine
  • Punching Capacity: 1-25 sheets per punch
  • Binding Capacity: Electrical Binding up to 7/8

Staff Review

DFG Office Ecoil EC1000 Spiral Coil Binding Machine Review


  • The Office Ecoil EC1000 is a manual spiral coil binding machine that is designed for small offices and home offices.
  • Created by the Digital Finishing Group, the EC1000 is a medium duty, feature rich and economical spiral coil binding machine that is popular with small churches, offices, schools and professional organizations.
  • It includes many of the features of more expensive binding machines but is available at a price that is palatable for organizations on a budget.

Strengths / Features:

  • One of the greatest strengths of this machine is its price point. With a selling price around three hundred dollars, the EC1000 is the least expensive coil binding machine with an electric coil inserter that is available on the market. This is perfect for organizations that are on a tight budget but don’t want to insert the coils onto their books by hand.
  • The Offce Ecoil 1000 includes a punching mechanism that is capable of handling up to 25 sheets of 20lb paper per lift. Although the machine can probably punch this many sheets at a time, you would have to use a whole lot of force on the handle. Most individuals should be able to punch between 15-20 sheets of paper at a time. This is still an excellent punching capacity for a manual coil binding machine and is in line with other similar binding machines that are on the market.
  • As I mentioned above, the EC-1000 includes a spiral coil inserter on the top of the machine. Most coil binding machines in this price range do not include this feature. Plus, the EC-1000 includes a foot pedal to control the inserter. Using the coil inserter you can quickly and easily insert the spirals onto the edge of your document without having to wind them on by hand.
  • Many coil binding machines in this price range are made primarily of plastic. However, the EC-1000 is made with high quality metal components. Although there are certainly more durable binding machines available on the market, this machine should have no problem binding a few documents every day for years without the need for maintenance.
  • The EC1000 also includes a pair of high quality coil crimping pliers for finishing your documents. Using these pliers you can cut off and crimp the ends of your spirals so that they don’t spin back off your bound documents. These crimpers have a value of about $30.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

  • The main weakness of the EC-1000 is that it does not have any disengageable punching pins. It is designed for punching 11″ letter sized documents and will have difficulties punching any other sizes. With coil binding, the holes are so close together that it is impossible to punch a custom sized document without leaving a partial hole on the edge of your sheet. Companies that need to bind half letter, legal, A4, landscape or any size other than a standard eleven inch sheet should really consider moving to the PC200E or another machine with at least some disengageable dies.
  • Although this machine is built well it is really not designed for high volume binding applications. The handle is difficult to grasp for punching and the coil inserter is small and slightly underpowered. The foot pedal is also small and not nearly as durable as I would like to see. These things should not be an issue for an organization that needs to bind a few dozen small reports per week. However, attempting to bind hundreds or thousands of books with a machine like this is probably not a great idea.


  • The EC-1000 is one of the least expensive options for organizations that are looking for a coil binding machine with a spiral coil inserter.
  • It is an ideal choice for a small office, church, school or other organization that is looking for a solution to bind a few letter sized documents per week.
  • However, this machine is only designed for binding letter sized documents and is not a high volume binding system.
  • For companies that need to bind landscape, half letter, legal, A4 or longer documents this machine will not be a good fit. It is also not a good solution for high volume users or for organizations that need a machine that offers high productivity.

This review was written by Jeff McRitchie who is the director of marketing for Mybinding.com. Jeff has written more than three hundred articles and more than two hundred reviews on Binding Machines, Binding Supplies, Report Covers, 3-Ring Binders, Index Tabs, Laminators, Laminating Supplies, Paper Shredders and Paper Handling Equipment.

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