Discontinued 3-Hole Punches

If you're looking for a high quality punch for your school, office, or personal use, these Discontinued 3-Hole Punches products are ideal for you, but make sure you order them while they're still in stock! The Swingline Personal 3-Hole Punch is easy to use and practical, providing long-lasting performance at an impressively low price! Made with an all-metal construction, the punch is durable, reliable, and thanks to its compact design you can easily store it in a desk drawer. With a punching capacity of up to 6 sheets of 20 lb paper, this punch will save you precious time when organizing or storing documents and printed materials in 3 ring binders.

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  1. Swingline Assorted 6-Sheet 3-Hole Punch - 71740 - 1 Each

    • 11" Punching Width
    • Compact and economical
    • 6 Sheet Punching Capacity
    • Accommodates most binders and presentation holders
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  2. Swingline Portable Paper Punch - A7074002S

    • Enjoy wherever-you-go portability and quick, easy access to a three-hole punch.
    • High-quality metal punch heads provide crisp, clean cuts.
    • 9/32" hole for easier page turns.
    • Convenient straight-edge ruler and built-in paper guide offers precise control.
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  3. Swingline Personal Punch - A7074007S

    • 6 sheet capacity
    • Features all-metal construction for reliable performance and quality punch heads for precision cutting of 9/32" holes.
    • 3-hole punch head configuration is fixed to accommodate most binders and presentation holders.
    • Punches up to 6 sheets of 20 lb. paper.
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  4. Swingline Organizer Paper Punch - A7074011K

    • Semi adjustable punch heads for personal planners and multi-purpose punching
    • Durable, all-metal construction for long-lasting performance
    • Quality punch heads for clean cutting 9/32" holes
    • Punches up to 5 sheets of 20 lb. paper (with seven heads)
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  5. GBC Bates MHD1600 Mega Heavy-Duty Manual Hole Punch

    • Adjustable paper guide.
    • Cleanly punches up to 160 pages of 16 lb. bond paper or 128 sheets of 20 lb. bond.
    • 9/32" diameter hole
    • Clear chip-view windows on punch head indicate waste capacity.
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  6. Swingline Light Duty 2-Hole Punch - 74045

    • Durable all-metal construction
    • Patented pin technology for superior precision cutting of 1/4" holes
    • Fully adjustable paper guide for flexibility
    • Punches 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper
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  7. Swingline Commercial 2-Hole Punch - 74101

    • Exceptional durability, heavy duty, all-metal die-cast construction
    • Extra-capacity - punches 28 sheets of 20 lb. paper
    • High-quality cutting action for clean 1/4" holes
    • Easy-grip handle for convenience and comfort
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  8. Swingline Blue/Silver LightTouch Desktop Hole Punch A7074028E

    • Comfortable, soft-touch lever makes everyday punching 50% easier
    • Durable metal construction for long-lasting, reliable performance
    • Quality punch heads deliver clean cutting 9/32" holes
    • Semi-adjustable punch heads for flexible, multi-purpose punching
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  9. Swingline Blue / Silver LightTouch High Capacity Hole Punch - 74031

    • Comfortable, soft-touch lever makes punching large quantities 50% easier
    • The perfect 3-hole punch for the home or office is built with durable metal construction to ensure reliability and efficiency
    • Semi-adjustable punch heads provide flexible, accurate punching
    • Punches up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper
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  10. Carl Heavy Duty 72 Sheet 3-Hole Punch

    • Open punching width for any size project
    • 3 Hole Punching Pattern
    • 72 Sheet Punching Capacity
    • Solid metal construction
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  11. Swingline Portable 3-Hole Paper Punch - 74042

    • Features straight edge ruler
    • Assorted colors for Customization
    • 3 Sheet Punching Capacity
    • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
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  12. GBC Bates Super Heavy Duty Electric 3 Hole Punch

    • The only electric punch in its class.
    • Punches up to 160 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper with simple pushbutton operation.
    • Adjustable for 3-hole standard or 2-hole legal punching.
    • Extra-large 9/32" diameter punch holes.
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  13. Swingline 20 Sheet Commercial Electric 3-Hole Punch - 74525

    • Maximize, high-volume work effortlessly with this electric 3-hole punch
    • Touch-button control offers quick, efficient and precise operation
    • Specifically engineered for smooth and quiet operation
    • Punches up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper
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  14. Swingline Accented Desktop Hole Punch - A7074023K

    • Chrome measuring and centering guide for accurate hole placement
    • Flexible: accepts up to seven adjustable punch heads
    • Quality punch heads for crisp 9/32" cut holes
    • Durable all-metal construction for reliable performance
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  15. Swingline Auto-Center Heavy Duty Punch - A7074250J

    • Durable all-metal construction for long-term performance
    • Patented pin technology for superior precision cutting of 9/32" holes
    • Centamatic feature - for accurate centering of paper and confident, clean presentations
    • Flexible: accepts up to seven semi-adjustable punch heads
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  16. Carl Red Alysis 2 Hole Paper Punch - 18 Sheets

    • Compact and Economical
    • 2 Hole Punching Pattern
    • 18 Sheet Punching Capacity
    • Double lever design
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