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DryLam 27" Professional Series Complete Laminator System

DryLam 27" Professional Series Complete Laminator System

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DryLam 27" Professional Series Complete Laminator System

Part #: DL-20007
Brand: Drylam
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The DryLam 27" Professional Series Roll Laminator System from MyBinding.com includes the 27" Professional Series Roll Laminator, laminator cleaning kit, 2 rolls of DryLam school laminating film, instructional DVD and a 29" metal mobile laminator cabinet. The laminator cabinet has a black powder coat finish and features two locking doors with recessed chrome handles and durable piano style hinges, plus the cabinet has 4" swivel casters (2 locking), and is wired with a 3 outlet electrical port. With its new design and reliable lamination, the DryLam 27" Professional Series Roll Laminator is a great choice for schools, professional shops, or in an office environment that requires dependability and function. The DryLam 27" Professional Series Roll Laminator is loaded with features, making it an extremely versatile and user friendly system. The Professional Series from DryLam is up to 3 times as fast as traditional School Laminators and has a much greater degree of flexibility to accommodate a wider range of film qualities. The DryLam 27" Professional Series Roll Laminator from MyBinding.com is an ideal machine for thermal lamination of a wide variety of prints, ranging from black and white prints to full color posters.

Product Details

  • Laminates up to 27" wide.
  • Up to 9.5' per minute
  • User defined Preset save speed and temperature settings
  • Usage counter with reset
  • Hand held slitter with convenient storage on the machine
  • Adjustable Feedguide for precision lamination
  • Incorporated safety shield
  • Keyswitch to prevent unauthorized use of machine
  • Stop/Reverse function
  • Digital temperature display
  • Temperature control in one inch increments
  • Uses 1.5 or 3.0 mil film
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
  • Compatible with standard grade , premium (low melt) grade , and school grade films , including GBC NAP LAM I
  • Cabinet dimensions are 29"H x 36"W x 24"D
  • One year warranty


  • Dimensions: 15"H x 34"W x 20"D
  • Packaged Weight: 73 LBS
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V, 60HZ
  • Safety Approval: UL


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DryLam 27" Professional Series Roll Laminator System Review

Most places of business love a great deal on any product. But so often when you purchase a large piece of equipment, you end up needing several additional supplies. The DryLam Professional Series Roll Laminator System offers a kit to get you started laminating without having to purchase multiple individual items up front. This complete system comes with everything you need. Here is a look at the details.


  • This device meets the basic needs for multiple users. It has a locking key switch to prevent unauthorized use. An integrated safety shield keeps hot surfaces protected. These two features alone make it an excellent choice for use in schools or any other places frequented by young, curious children.

  • The laminator takes films up to 27 inches wide and runs them as fast as 9.5 feet per minute. That's up to three times as fast as usual school laminators. It's compatible with standard grade, premium (low melt) grade, and school grade films 1.5mil and 3mil thick.

  • A digital LCD display shows the current temperature, which you can manipulate for the best laminating environment. User defined presets can be saved for various speed and temperature settings. There is also a usage counter with a reset button so you can monitor the amount of film used for a specific job.

  • As items enter the machine, an adjustable feed guide helps to line things up for precision laminating. A hand held slitter that stores on the machine itself is readily available to slice off finished items.

  • The complete system comes with the roll laminator described above, a laminator cleaning kit, two rolls of DryLam school laminating film, an instructional DVD, and a 29" black metal cabinet. This allows you to get started right away without needing additional accessories.

  • The cabinet features a black powder coat finish and durable hinges on two locking doors with recessed chrome handles. Four swivel casters on the bottom allow it to be rolled from one location to another. Two of the casters lock for stationary use. A wired electrical port with three outlets adds convenience to the cabinet.

  • A one year warranty covering parts and labor comes on this product.


  • With the entire unit, laminator plus cart, weighing 240 pounds, this is a fairly heavy piece of equipment. However, there are casters on the bottom for added mobility and we don't think this will be a problem for most users.

  • This device isn't rated for cold lamination. As a result, it shouldn't be used to laminate photos, waxed based prints, or inkjet prints. This may limit its use in a school, however many other offices won't be affected by this. As long as you don't need to use heat sensitive items with this machine, you'll be fine.

Overall, the DryLam Roll Laminator System is an excellent kit to get any office started. It would be great in a school, church, or office environment looking for a dependable laminator for basic needs. It wouldn't be recommended for a print shop because of the lack of cold lamination. Otherwise, the DryLam System is a great addition to any office.

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