DynaFold DE28/4 Pharmaceutical 4 Plate Paper Folding Machine
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DynaFold DE28/4 Pharmaceutical 4 Plate Paper Folding Machine

Part #: DE28-4
Brand: DynaFold
  • Paper Size: Min: 2" x 2.5" / Max: 11" x 15" mm.
  • Minimum Fold Size: 1"
  • Folding Plates: 4
  • Folding Speed: 8000 pcs/hr
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Product Description

DE-28/4 is a multi-purpose functioning folding machine for the pharmaceutical factory. Its durable construction, simple operation, excellent design and attractive appearance make it a unique machine in the world for the pharmaceutical industry.

Product Details

  • Sets standard and non-standard paper lengths and non-standard folds.
  • Adopt high precision needle bearing.
  • Simple adjustment for different paper thickness.
  • With pressure adjuster for paper feeding.
  • New wider feed rollers for accurate paper folding.
  • Folding speed is adjustable.
  • Folding-size with micro-adjustment.
  • 4 digital paper counter with automatic stop device.
  • Attached one set of vertical stacker.

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Item Specifications

  • Dimensions: 41"(W) x 19"(L) x 18.5"(H)
  • Weight: 143 Lbs
  • Paper Size: Min: 2" x 2.5" / Max: 11" x 15" mm.
  • Paper Weight: 6# to 70# Bond
  • Minimum Fold Size: 1"
  • Folding Plates: 4
  • Folding Speed: 8000 pcs/hr
  • Warranty: 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

Staff Review

Dynafold DE28/4 Pharmaceutical 4 Plate Paper Folding Machine Review

Paper folders are useful in almost every industry. For the pharmaceutical world, Dynafold created the DE 28/4. As the only tabletop pharmaceutical paper folder on the market, this machine’s innovative four plate design gives it an edge over other specialty folders. With simple operation and multi-function purposes, the 28/4 provides both convenience and efficiency. Let’s take a closer look.


  • Fanned stacks of paper easily slide into this machine. A large knob is easily adjustable to compensate for varying paper thicknesses. Another lever alters the pressure to keep paper feeding accurate while wide feed rollers pull in individual pages. If one of these settings are off and an accidental misfeed occurs, a manual roller located on the side of the device allows you to manipulate the plates slowly to remove the clogged paper.
  • This machine utilizes high precision needle bearings to ensure exact folds. Adjustable speed control also aids in the precision of folds by allowing the user to choose the optimum rate for whatever paper type is used. The plates can make folds as small as one inch by weaving the paper through instead of sliding it completely onto one plate or another.
  • Four manually adjusted fold plates offer the option of both standard and custom paper sizes in a wide variety of folds. Exact folding size is obtained by fine tuning micro adjustments. A visual guide helps you set up twelve basic folds with options for countless customizable folds.
  • Papers folded can range in size from 2″ x 2.5″ up to 11″ x 15″, giving you a wide array of sizes to choose from. Up to 300 sheets can sit in the hopper at once with the device completing up to 8000 pieces an hour. It can fold thicknesses ranging from 6lb to 70lb bond.
  • As items come through, they are caught in a vertical stacker. The stacker uses its own motor and needs to be turned on first. It ensures that even the smallest folds stay together. A 4-digit counter tracks the number of folded items. An automatic stop device on the counter offers batch folding.
  • Dynafold offers a 90-day warranty on this product.


  • Everything on this machine is manually set up and maintained. Businesses looking for a specific fold or those which rarely need to change folds will be able to set up their machine once and not worry about it. But those offices regularly needing different folds may prefer a device that can be switched with the push of a button, rather than hassling with more setup.
  • At 143 pounds, this is a fairly large machine. Since it is designed to sit on a table or other large surface, there aren’t casters on the bottom. If you think you’ll need to move it around on a regular basis, we suggest storing it on a cart for easier mobility.

The Dynafold DE28/4 is definitely able to accommodate the busy folding needs of any pharmacy or other office needing precise, small folds. The wide range of fold styles offered as well as paper sizes and weights accepted give you a convenient, all-in-one folding machine for all your needs. We think this is an excellent paper folder for any office.

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