Fellowes Powershred 2127M Micro Cut Paper Shredder
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Fellowes Powershred 2127M Micro Cut Paper Shredder

Part #: 3440901
Brand: Fellowes
  • Shred Capacity: 8 - 10 Sheets
  • Cut Style: Micro Cut
  • Security Level: Level 4
  • Waste Bin Capacity: 26 gal.
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Product Description

When your business needs a workhorse of a shredder to keep up with you, look no further than the Fellowes Powershred 2127M Micro cut paper shredder. This all new shredder from Fellowes features excellent cutting speeds of nearly 20 feet per minute with a level 4 secure cut into 3/32" x 5/8" micro-cut pieces. Designed specifically to accomodate the shredding needs of offices, shops, schools, and other medium sized businesses, while still maintaining a high level of security, the Fellowes Powershred 2127M Micro-cut shredder makes your work easier and secure. The Fellowes Powershred 2127M is backed by a 2 year warranty on the machine and an astounding 30 years on the cutting head, giving you confidence and peace of mind. Check it out today and save when shopping with MyBinding.com.

Product Details

  • Safety Protection System features electronically controlled, transparent safety shield in paper entry for safe use.
  • High, level 4, security shredding for peace of mind.
  • Energy saving mode after 1 hour of inactivity.
  • Continuous duty motor for non-stop shredding.
  • Ideal for 3-5 users in an office setting.
  • Easily shreds Credit Cards, Paper Clips, and Staples.

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Item Specifications

  • Sheet Capacity: 8-10
  • Cut Type: Micro Cut
  • Cut Size: 3/32" x 5/8" (2mm x 15mm)
  • Security Level: 4
  • Speed (FPM): 19.7
  • Duty Cycle (minutes): Continuous
  • Paper Entry Width: 10.25"
  • Can Shred: Staples, Credit Cards, Paper Clips
  • Jam Prevention: No
  • Oil Technology: None
  • SilentShred

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Staff Review

Fellowes Powershred 2127M Shredder Review


    Have you been looking for a Fellowes shredder that can be used by multiple people in your busy office? If so, the Powershred 2127M is the device you've been looking for. Here's an in-depth look at what this shredder has to offer so you can determine if it's right for your workplace:

Features/ Strengths:

  • The 2127M can shred up to 10 sheets of paper at once and the blades are sharp enough to even tear up credit cards, paper clips, and staples. The feed opening is 10.25" wide so getting rid of both letter- and legal-sized documents is no trouble at all.
  • This is a great machine to get if you want something that can provide a lot of security. The 2127M is a micro-cut shredder that has a Level 4 security rating. The shreds this device produces measure just 3/32" x 5/8" so you won't need to worry about banking information, Social Security numbers, and so on falling into the wrong hands. Since this is a micro-cut machine, it lacks the shredding capacity of a strip-cut unit but that's a non-issue if security is your main concern.
  • The 2127M has a thermally protected, continuous-duty motor so you can shred throughout the day and not need to give the machine a break. Since the waste bin has a 26-gallon capacity, this is a great shredder for departmental use.
  • Fellowes is usually generous with their warranties and that happens to be the case with this shredder. The cutters are covered for 30 years and everything else is covered for 2.


  • If you choose to get this shredder, you'll want to make sure that you have enough room for it. This device's approximate dimensions are 34" (height) x 20" (width) x 15" (depth) so it's not exactly a deskside unit. Luckily, this device has casters so it's fairly easy to move despite weighing 68 pounds.
  • The 2127M lacks the SafeSense features that's found in many of Fellowes' other shredders, however, it nonetheless is equipped with a Safety Protection System. This system includes an electronically controlled safety shield to protect your hands when you shred. The system also causes the shredder to stop running if your limbs are too close to the feed opening.


    Fellowes is known for making great shredders and the Powershred 2127M helps sustain their reputation. This is a high-quality device that's ideal for departmental use both in professional offices and schools. It offers a lot of security so you can shred classified documents with confidence. (And don't forget that this device can shred credit cards.) It's great that the continuous-duty motor is thermally protected (overheating is a lot less likely to occur) and that the Safety Protection System will keep shredding as safe as possible. True, this device's shredding capacity is a bit low, but that's typical of micro-cut machines and it's not particularly big deal when security is what matters. If the 2127M is the type of shredder your office needs, consider getting it today.

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