Fellowes Powershred 4800CC Cross Cut Paper Shredder
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Fellowes Powershred 4800CC Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Part #: 3843101
Brand: Fellowes
  • Basket Capacity (gallons): 39
  • Color: GRAY
  • Sheet Capacity: 22-24
  • Speed (Feet Per Minute): 30
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Fellowes Powershred 4800CC Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

Fellowes is known for making quality office equipment and their Powershred 4800CC Cross Cut Paper Shredder is no exception. Designed for use in a busy department, this shredder boasts of a powerful motor, sharp steel blades, and fast shred speeds. It also provides quiet, easy use, good security, and a warranty backing. Here is a more detailed look at the 4800CC.


  • Simple operation is made possible by the many automatic features. A photo-cell sensor controls the use of the blades, starting and stopping them as items are inserted into the feed and processed. Another sensor detects a jam beginning to occur and shuts off the machine so you can reverse the overfed items back out to you before the blades get completely clogged. The auto shut off and user alert also activates when the shred bag is full or the cabinet door is ajar.
  • The robust motor is powerful enough to offer continuous shredding without needing the frequent cool down periods required by smaller machines. This allows the device to keep up with the shredding needs of even the busiest of offices.
  • Up to 24 sheets can enter the extra wide 16 inch feed at once, including stapled and paperclipped documents as well as credit cards. Materials shred as fast as 30 feet per minute and come out in small particles only 5/32″ by 1-1/2″ in size. These small pieces offer a level 3 security rating. With this rating, you can safely dispose of generic office documents as well as most confidential business information and personal data.
  • The paper remnants are deposited into a voluminous 39 gallon shred bag. The bag sits in a convenient pull-out wire frame for simplified removal and replacement. On the cabinet door is a safety interlock switch that tells the device if the door is closed properly. This prevents accidental injury resulting from fingers coming into contact with running blades.
  • This model is covered by a two year limited warranty. The cutters are guaranteed for 20 years.


  • The small particles only provide a medium level 3 security. For most offices, this will be completely adequate. But those needing to comply with NSA standards will require a high security device with a level 5 or 6 rating, such as the HS-800.
  • This shredder will need regular oiling. For this task, an automatic oil injection system would be very handy. Unfortunately, Fellowes doesn’t design machines with this option. For a good shredder with an auto oiler, we recommend the MBM Destroyit 2604.
  • As often is the case with large pieces of equipment, this shredder is fairly heavy. However, there are casters on the bottom for added portability and this doesn’t seem to be a big complaint among most users.

Overall, the 4800CC is an excellent centralized departmental shredder. Large offices with ten or more users will benefit from the heavy duty construction that allows it to stand up to rigorous use in high traffic areas. And any business will appreciate the convenience and efficiency that comes with this high quality device. We think the Fellowes Powershred 4800CC is an excellent choice for your next departmental shredder.

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