Fellowes Powershred 4800SC Strip Cut Paper Shredder
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Fellowes Powershred 4800SC Strip Cut Paper Shredder

Part #: 3843001
Brand: Fellowes
  • Basket Capacity (gallons): 39
  • Color: GRAY
  • Sheet Capacity: 36-38
  • Speed (Feet Per Minute): 32
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Fellowes Powershred 4800SC Strip Cut Paper Shredder Review

Large offices often have one central, shared shredder instead of multiple devices scattered around the office. One ideal machine for this use is the Fellowes Powershred 4800SC. This shredder is designed to handle heavy duty use in busy environments. The powerful motor and solid steel blades are ready to provide high volume performance in any large office. Here is a closer look at the details of the 4800SC.


  • Automatic features provide simple operation for any user. As you insert your items for shredding, a photo-cell senses them and starts the blades automatically. The blades will turn off after about three seconds of no use, allowing you continuous shredding while not wasting electricity by powering unused cutters. The automatic off is also activated by a paper jam, full waste bag, or an open cabinet door. If a jam happens, the reverse switch allows you to return the excess paper back out for re-feeding.
  • The 1.9 horsepower motor is rated for continual run. As a result, you won’t spend time waiting for your shredder to cool down; it will shred all day long.
  • The motor is also built for quiet operation. It only puts out about 62 decibels of sound. That’s approximately the same noise level as an average conversation. Most offices will prefer this over the usual high pitched whine associated with typical shredders.
  • An extra wide 16 inch feed easily takes in 38 sheets at once, handling both oversized documents and disorganized stacks. Staples, paperclips, and credit cards are all quickly devoured by the steel blades. Materials are processed at about 32 feet per minute and come out in narrow strips.
  • The shreds are collected in a spacious 39 gallon shred bag. The bag sits in a pull-out frame for quick removal and replacement. An interlocking switch secures the cabinet door closed. To prevent accidental injury, the machine won’t shred if the door is open.
  • Fellowes guarantees this product with a limited two year warranty. The cutters are covered for 20 years.


  • The thin strips only provide a low level 2 security rating. This is completely adequate for all-purpose office shredding. However, any secure items should go through at least a level 3 cross cut shredder. This machine is also available in a cross cut version, the 4800CC.
  • The blades aren’t rated to shred CDs. While this may not affect many offices, some will prefer to have this capability. For that we suggest the C-420.
  • As with most large pieces of office equipment, this device is heavy. Even so, there are casters on the bottom for added mobility and we don’t think this will be a problem for most users.

The Powershred 4800SC is a great system for large offices with ten or more users. Offering generous capacities and fast shred speeds, this device is well able to accommodate the heavy duty shredding needs of an entire department. And since it will keep your office TAA compliant, it’s approved for use even in federal government offices. The 4800SC is a reliable, efficient, and convenient way to dispose of all your unwanted, low risk documents. We would highly recommend this device for your next low security, central office shredder.

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