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Fellowes Powershred 125Ci Jam Proof Cross Cut Shredder - 3312501
$518.00 NewCondition InStock
Fellowes Powershred 125Ci Jam Proof Cross Cut Shredder - 3312501

Fellowes Powershred 125Ci Jam Proof Cross Cut Shredder - 3312501

Part #: 3312501
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Brand: Fellowes

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Main Features:
  • Sheet Capacity: 20
  • Cut Type: Cross-Cut
  • Cut Size: 5/32 x 1 1/2"
  • Paper Entry Width: 9"


The New Fellowes Powershred 125Ci is a slim, high performance cross-cut paper shredder designed for small office / home office environments. The C-120Ci can shred up to 18 sheets of paper into 5/32" x 1-1/2" cross cut particles and includes the new Fellowes 100% Jam proof system that eliminates paper jams by preventing overloads and powering through misfeeds. The Fellowes 125Ci also offers SilentShred technology that offers ultra-quiet shredder performance for shared workspaces. The slim design of this unit allows it to fit between file cabinets, in common areas or along side a desk. The Fellowes Powershred 125Ci is designed for use by 1-5 users and can be used to shred paper, staples, credit cards, paper clips and CD's.

Product Details

  • Shreds 20 sheets of paper per pass into 397 (5/32 x 1-1/2” Security Level P-4) cross-cut particles for enhanced security on highly confidential documents to help keep your information safe. Also shreds staples, credit cards, paper clips, staples and junk mail.
  • Continuous duty motor for non-stop shredding allows you to finish shred jobs in one sitting.
  • Patented 100% Jam Proof System eliminates paper jams and powers through tough jobs for frustration-free shredding.
  • SafeSense Technology automatically disables shredder when hands touch the paper opening, helping to protect more than just your identity.
  • Large 14 gallon removable corrugate bin and LED bin-full indicator eliminates the need for frequent emptying with high-volume shred jobs.


  • Jam Prevention Features: 100% Jam Proof System
  • Feed Type: Traditional
  • Bin Capacity (gallons): 14
  • Can Shred: Staples, Credit Cards, Paper Clips, CDs/DVDs, Junkmail
  • Casters: Yes
  • Color: Black/Dark Silver
  • Cut Size (inches): 5/32" x 1-1/2"
  • Cut Type: Cross-Cut
  • DIN Level - Paper: P-4
  • Maximum Run Time (minutes): Continuous
  • Energy Efficient Features: Energy Savings System
  • Item H x W x D (inches): 28.94 x 11.25 x 21.06
  • Item Number: 3312501
  • Item weight (lbs): 55.12
  • Units per Master Carton: 1
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Model Number: 125CI
  • Noise Level at No Load (dB): 63
  • Noise Features: SilentShred
  • Paper Entry Width (inches): 9
  • Recommended Number Of Users: 1-3
  • Run Time (minutes): Continuous
  • Safety Features: SafeSense
  • Sheet Capacity: 20
  • Shreds Per Sheet: 397
  • Speed (Feet Per Minute): 16
  • Usage: Heavy Use
  • Warranty: 2 Yr Machine / Lifetime Cutter


21 Review(s)
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Reviewed on 4/11/2017

Great for small offices Review by A. B. Ins

We have been buying smaller shredders and having to regularly replace every few months. As security issues have grown, we have had to consider larger more pricey shredder. After many hours of investigation, fellowes came out on top every time with power, down time between shreds and capacity. We originally went to other outlets and priced and found what we needed, was a little out of our price range. Someone mentioned checking with amazon and we did. Amazon had the exact same shredder at a much more affordable price that the big name retailer. We are a 9 person office and are average shredders. This works great for our office. I highly recommend this shredder.

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Reviewed on 4/11/2017

After being dissatisfied by my former shredder purchases, I decided to splurge on one that wouldn't jam and break. The C120-Ci is the best one I've owned, I don't need to open junk mail, the shredder eats it envelope and all without any problems. Great if you have a large stack of mail waiting to be shredded!

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Reviewed on 2/23/2016

My Fellowes 125Ci shredder is a replacement for a C120C. The old one has been in steady heavy use for 9 years! (Only one trip to the repair shop in all that time.) We had gone through several other brands and none had lasted much longer than a year. We are a county government office and we need a reliable secure shredder. Another office sometimes brought some of their documents for us to shred. I told them that I was ordering a replacement finally, and they ordered one too! You have delivered a budget friendly workhorse.

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Reviewed on 2/23/2016

It WORKS!!!!! Review by Brandt

Unlike the previous shredders this office has purchased, this one performs as described and expected. It handles up to 18 pages easily and quickly. No problem with jams. I also appreciate the bottle of oil that was included with instructions on when and WHY to use it. It is easily applied. Thanks for making a sleek looking space saving shredder that works!

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Reviewed on 2/23/2016

Fellowes 125Ci Review by Snowman

Been looking for the best, try this one. I'm in my 60's and have used many shredders, and now I've found the one that does what it says.

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Reviewed on 2/23/2016

Great heavy duty shredder Review by Paperboy

If you are looking for a shredder that can handle the job without breaking the bank, look no further. This unit can handle the largest of jobs and has a great capacity bin. It is not a unit to stick under a desk as it is quite large however nothing this powerful comes in a small package. It will not jam and makes sure you can't jam it. It is a quality product that I would definitely buy again.

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Reviewed on 2/23/2016

Very Nice Machine. Review by Tigers

This shredder is very good quality and it quiet in the office setting. Instructions were very well prepared.

image alt text

Reviewed on 2/23/2016

Great Purchase Review by Pumpkin

I'm really happy with our new shredder. Works very well, spacewise as we are very short on space. Very easy to use, and quiet. I feel I made a

image alt text

Reviewed on 2/23/2016

Good products. Review by swampie

Recently we had to replace our Fellowes shredders with newer updated models. We are so happy with the new models. Who would think that upgrading shredders could put a smile on so many faces. Easy and efficient to use.

image alt text

Reviewed on 2/23/2016

A solid tool Review by Econ

This shredder handles the paper well, though not as quietly as I expected, given the description. (The old GBC shredder we still use has a quieter, more even sound, compared to the somewhat choppy sound of this new unit.) I am oiling it when we empty the bin, but the sound has not diminished.
I recommend turning the unit off when emptying the full bin, or slightly opening it to level out the not-yet-really-full shredded contents. If left on "auto," any paper that hadn't finished shredding will rain down as the bin and bag are removed, leaving a mess to clean up each time.
As for design, some way to better hook the bag inside would be an improvement. A few printed words in the manual or packaging about the intent for the wing-nut screws and the placement of the CD basked would be helpful. Overall, the unit does the job we need and hopefully will do so for a long time!

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Fellowes C-120Ci Cross-Cut Paper Shredder Review

These days, with all the risks of identity theft, corporate spying and civil liability, having a shredder on site in your office is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. In fact, if you have a medium to large office and your employees handle and discard sensitive documents on a daily basis, the more shredders you have on hand, the better. If you are looking for a shredder that can handle regular use by one to five people on a daily basis, there are a few choices out there on the market. Here we will take a look at what is probably one of the better options, the Fellowes C-120Ci.


  1. One of the main complaints we hear about your average shredder is the noise factor. If a shredder is receiving moderate to heavy use, the sound can be pretty distracting for the rest of the office. We were impressed at how remarkably silent the C-120Ci was as we were testing it out.
  2. Safety is always an issue when you are considering a shredder. There are lots of models out there with plastic guards, etc., that keep fingers from sliding into the paper feed. The C-120Ci, however, has what Fellowes calls “SafeSense” technology. This feature offers an electronic device that detects body heat and will shut down the machine immediately if a hand gets too near. We tested it out, and it is really impressive.
  3. Paper jams are a fact of life, especially if not all users are familiar with the capacity of the shredder they are using. The C-120Ci comes equipped with a jam proof system that electronically measures the thickness of whatever it is you are trying to shred. To test is out, we placed a notepad complete with a cardboard backing into the paper feed, and a red light came on, indicating that the stack was too thick. Again, this is a pretty impressive feature that will save you a lot of trouble.
  4. One thing we really liked about the C-120Ci was its compact design. At a mere eleven and a quarter inches wide, this machine can fit just about anywhere. We don’t imagine that there is a similarly capable shredder on the market with such a narrow profile. We could see it fitting nicely right next to our copy machine or in another tight space.


  1. One thing that you will have to realize when you use the C-120Ci is that it can only be used for about 45 minutes before it will need a rest of about 20-30 minutes. While this it pretty typical for a lot of office duty paper shredders, it does mean that the C-120Ci may not be your best choice if you think your shredder will need continuous use.
  2. Again, typical of most shredders, the C-120Ci will need to be oiled occasionally. Oiling your shredder is not a big deal. However, there are shredders out there with auto oil systems, though perhaps not in the same medium-duty class.
  3. While we like the “Safe Sense” technology, we did feel that perhaps there could be some kind of physical guard to keep objects such as neckties out of the paper feed. The SafeSense technology will protect hands and body parts but won’t protect clothes or other objects that don’t produce body heat.

Recommendation: With all its features and capabilities, as well as a three year warranty, we can’t imagine that there is a better buy out there than the C-120Ci for medium-duty use.

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