Foil Stamping Accessories
Make the job a little easier, and a little quicker, by adding some needed accessories to your foil stamping machine. We have die holders, gauges, clamps, cutters . . . everything you could need for your foiling machine. Don't see something? Gives us a call and we'll help you find it.

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  1. Howard TT-1 9" x 11" Wooden Type Tray with Cover

    • 9" x 11" wooden box with cover.
    • 80 compartment plastic molded insert.
    • Use for complete font of type up to 30 point.
    • Product Type: Hot Foil Stamping Machine Accessory
    Part #: HD-TT-1


  2. Aamstamp GB Napkin Guide

    • Product Type: GB Napkin Guide
    • Used to locate large or small napkins.
    • Compatible With: Gauge Bar
    • Part Number: AAM-GBNG
    Part #: AAM-GBNG


2 Items

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