Baby Blue Hot Stamp Foils

Beautiful as a clear summer’s sky, the Baby Blue Hot Stamp Foils will add a gorgeous finish to your creative work, projects or products. Versatile and easy to use, these foil rolls are conveniently compatible with various foil stamping machines, including Kingsley and Aamstamp. Choose the ideal product for your needs from the list of sizes below. We carry these hot stamp foils in widths that range from 2’’ to 6’’, all available with a 1/2’’ core and a 200’ length. Made with a brilliant finish, this baby blue foil will make any book cover, business cards, invitations, or packaging look simply dazzling!

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  1. Brilliant Baby Blue Hot Stamp Foil Roll (1/2" Core)

    • Color: Baby Blue
    • Roll Finishing: Brilliant
    • Width: 2"-6"
    • Compatible with: Kingsley, Aamstamp or other foil stamping machine.
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1 Item

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