Gray Hot Stamp Foils

The Gray Hot Stamp Foils provide an elegant take on the classic foil colors, offering a fantastic alternative to red, silver or gold. Made with a dark gray tone and a matte finish, this foil combines eye-catching and refined in one. Use this foil to give envelopes and book covers a chic finishing touch, or apply it to wedding invitations to create a striking contrast between lighter tones and the darker gray color. Available in various widths, of 2’’, 3’’, 3.5’’, 4’’, 5’’, and 6’’, these foil rolls will suit almost any project. They’re also all compatible with any foil stamping machine, including Aamstamp and Kingsley.

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  1. Matte Gray Hot Stamp Foil Roll (1/2" Core)

    • Color: Gray
    • Roll Finishing: Matte
    • Width: 2"-6"
    • Compatible with: Kingsley, Aamstamp or other foil stamping machine.
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1 Item

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