White Hot Stamp Foils

Pure as the first snow and immaculate as fresh linen, the White Hot Stamp Foils listed on this page will make any project look elegant and distinctive. A great alternative to gold or silver foil, white foil has a unique and eye-catching appearance, especially when paired with darker backgrounds. With this elegantly simple foil, you can easily transform weddings invitations, business cards, pocket folders, or book covers into stunning products anyone will love to behold! Just choose the width you need from the 6 options listed below. All of these rolls are made with a 1/2’’ core and they work perfectly with both Aamstamp and Kingsley machines!

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  1. Matte White Hot Stamp Foil Roll (1/2" Core)

    • Color: White
    • Roll Finishing: Matte
    • Width: 2"-6"
    • Compatible with: Kingsley, Aamstamp or other foil stamping machine.
    • Ships Free Over $75
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