Magnet Material

There are many different magnetic materials available at MyBinding. In order to achieve success, it is essential to use the proper magnetic material for your particular application. Magnetic rolls, sheets, strips, pockets, laminating pouches, and rolls in various thicknesses are all available from MyBinding. We provide the appropriate range of magnetic materials to meet your branding requirements, whether you are producing magnetic business cards, photo magnets, or bespoke magnets.

Magnetic rolls are the most widely used magnetic material. Our magnetic rolls provide a safe and reliable application since they reliably maintain their hold over time, making them ideal for POP displays and mobile advertising signs. Magnetic strips are excellent for labeling, such as in your workplace or warehouse. Additionally, magnetic sheets provide modest, sheet-size magnetic solutions for various uses, including team schedules and vehicle advertising.

Using a pouch laminator and magnet lamination pouches, you may create customized magnets. On file cabinets, refrigerators, warehouse ends, and other places, magnetic pockets are an easy way to store tiny goods.

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