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Foster 37" Econocut Rotary Trimmer
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Foster 37" Econocut Rotary Trimmer

Foster 37" Econocut Rotary Trimmer

Part #: 60204
Brand: Foster
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Main Features:
  • Cutting Length: 37"
  • Cutting Capacity: 10 Sheets
  • Volume Rating: Medium
  • Operation: Manual


If the demand is for a low cost, top quality rotary trimmer - then here it is - The Foster 37" Econocut Rotary Trimmer is designed for medium volume cutting requirements in the office or studio. It cleanly and safely trims a variety of materials from paper, film, and foil, to offset printing plates and magnetic vinyl. Scales and grids (in both inches and metric) are screen printed onto the solid steel base. Clear plastic clamping strip and side rule allow you to line up materials to achieve consistent and accurate cuts.

Product Details

  • Self-sharpening tungsten steel cutting wheel cuts both directions.
  • All parts (except cutting head and wheel) fully guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Steel base with baked enamel finish provides years of productive use.
  • Cuts up to Ten (10) Sheets of 20 lb. bond paper in one activation.


  • Table Dimensions: 44 3/16" x 11 1/2" x 3 1/3" (1122 x 292 x 85 mm)
  • Cutting Length: 37"
  • Cutting Capacity: 10 Sheets
  • Volume Rating: Medium
  • Operation: Manual
  • Shipping Weight: 17 lbs. (7.7 kg.)


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Foster 37″ Econocut Rotary Trimmer Review

Foster Manufacturing Company is known for producing quality products and their Econocut Rotary Trimmer is no exception. This durable cutter is designed for small to medium offices with a moderate amount of cutting needs. It offers a broad cutting width, sturdy base, and a warranty backing. The Econocut Rotary Trimmer comes in a selection of sizes; here is a look at the 37″ model.

Weighing around 17 pounds, the Econocut has a sturdiness you can feel. The solid steel base has a baked enamel finish for extra durability. The baked enamel coating is designed to provide a hard, wear-resistant cutting surface. Screen printed onto the finish is a dual grid with both metric and US measurements. The lines and right angles help you to square off your documents for greater accuracy.

The sharp cutting wheel is crafted out of hand finished solid Tungsten steel. It is self-sharpening for consistently precise slices. The wheel mechanism allows expert cutting in both directions. Fragile materials as well as thick paper stocks can all be trimmed by this device, including foils, film, laminates, and magnetic vinyl. The blade can slice through things as thick as one millimeter.

This cutter can trim an impressive 37″ width. This makes it a great addition to a print shop or graphics designer studio as well as in many schools and offices. Using this device, you can trim down posters, banners, blue prints, large laminated signs, and more. An optional stand and waste catcher is available and can make using this trimmer much easier. With a width of just over 44 inches, this model takes up considerable space on a table. The stand can be set up next to a desk or laminator for easy access, then moved into a closet for storage. Trimmed off waste is caught in the open mouthed container sitting just under the cutter. Even without the stand, this trimmer only weighs about 17 pounds, so it won’t be too difficult to lift onto a table for use or move around as needed.

Just like any product, there are a few downsides to this device. First, it’s too bad that it can only slice through thinner materials. This prevents mass cuttings done at once. However, the Econocut focuses more on precision than quantity; fewer items trimmed at once gives better results. Second, the warranty doesn’t cover the cutting head or wheel. Since it’s made from Tungsten and sharpens itself, we’re thinking that the blade won’t really need replacing all that often, if ever. And if your cutting edge does go dull, you can replace the blade instead of needing an entirely new trimmer.

Overall, the Econocut Rotary Trimmer is a good choice for a print shop or studio. A manufacturer warranty covers the product for one year, except the blade cartridge. While it’s too bad the stand is only optional (and expensive at that), the long, thin design makes it easy to store in a supply closet or near a table. For a precise trimmer with durable construction, this 37″ rotary trimmer by Foster is a great choice.

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