GBC 2064WF-1 Wide Format Laminator - 3600263
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GBC 2064WF-1 Wide Format Laminator - 3600263

Part #: 3600263
Brand: GBC
  • Max Laminate Width: 64"
  • Laminating Speed: 15' per Minute
  • Max Film Thickness: 10 mil
  • Hot or Cold: Both
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Product Description

This mid-range laminator incorporates many features often found on more costly units. One outstanding feature is GBC's patented Advanced Electronic Safety System (AESS), that immediately stops the rollers whenever an obstruction is detected. The 2064WF can laminate and mount a variety of thermal and PSA films and materials up to 64" wide and 1" thick with speeds up to 15 fpm. The GBC 2064WF is ideal for mid-range production quantities nearing high-end production. It features a full control panel on the front and a motor drive control panel in the back for bi-directional operations. The front control panel displays all the pertinent information an operator needs for perfect product finishing including main roller pressure and gap settings. A footage counter keeps track of material used on a particular job. There is no need to let the main rollers cool down when thermally laminating from the front and board mounting from the rear. With of a multitude of unwind and rewinds shafts, the GBC 2064WF can also handle roll-to-roll applications. The movable foot pedal allows for hands-free operation when feeding prints or mounting boards.The GBC 2064WF also includes GBC's patented new Advanced Electrical Safety System is designed to protect the operator when running jobs from either side of the machine. The system consists of three components--fiber optic detection, dynamic braking, and a dual processor. The edge-to-edge fiber optic sensors provide full obstacle detection across the width of the roll to eliminate the possibility of failure due to blind spots. Once the sensing beam is broken, the dynamic braking system engages to immediately stop the rollers. The dual processor provides a backup to ensure reliability and maintain consistent performance.

Product Details

  • Film Shafts: 2 Unwinds and 3 Rewinds
  • Film Width: Up to 64 inches
  • Gauge: Up to 10mil
  • Film Diameter: Up to 16" on a 3" Core
  • Material Thickness: Up to 1"
  • Speed: 2-15 fpm (both directions)
  • Temperature: Up to 300 Degrees F
  • Dimensions: 86" W x 54" H x 28" D
  • Weight: 1650 lbs
  • Power Requirement: 220V, 40A, 60HZ, Single Phase
  • Plug Configuration: NEMA 6-50P
  • Safety C/UL listed

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Item Specifications

  • Digital display for pressure and temperature eliminates guesswork.
  • Bi-directional productivity allows hot and cold jobs to be run consecutively.
  • Control settings are located on both the front and back sides of the unit.
  • Repositionable foot pedal allows hands-free operation.
  • Roll-to-roll applications benefit from an edge roller on the front feed table and a curved trailing edge on the rear feed table.
  • Heat rollers and pull rollers are independently adjustable.
  • With a mechanical roller adjustment, heat rollers are infinitely variable to 1".
  • Pull rollers feature presets to accommodate common board and laminate gauges.
  • Perfect for laminating ID badges, luggage tags, nametags and business cards
  • High release silicone rollers allow for easy cleaning.
  • Digital display indicates film footage to maximize roll usage.
  • Loading and Feeding:

  • Film shafts swing out for easy loading and unloading.
  • Light weight front table is removable for easy access to rollers. Rear table pivots down.
  • Advanced Electrical Safety System at both roller nips protects fingers from harm while feeding.
  • Unique pressure plate, available in the front and the back, flattens leading edge of curled prints for improved feeding.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on parts, 90 days labor
  • Finishing:

  • Intelligent controller monitors and maintains consistent temperature for optimum quality.
  • Adjustable high-quality clutch ensures consistently flat output.
  • Two in-line edge slitters save trimming time.
  • Channeled air-cooling system and large chill idler roller eliminate waves on thermal output.

Demonstration Video

GBC 2064WF Wide Format Finishing System Demo Video

Transcript: The print finishing business is exploding every day, and you want to be part of the action. If your current laminator doesn’t give you the capabilities you need to compete, the timing is great for an upgrade. With wide-format inkjet applications in double-digit growth, it’s easy to see why so many shops are cashing in on the finishing of all that output. Whether you’re adding, upgrading or replacing a laminator, look no further than GBC.

Introducing the 2064 Wide-Format Professional Finishing System from GBC. Like its cousins, the Falcon 3064 and the Orca 4064, the 2064 delivers professiona ...
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The print finishing business is exploding every day, and you want to be part of the action. If your current laminator doesn’t give you the capabilities you need to compete, the timing is great for an upgrade. With wide-format inkjet applications in double-digit growth, it’s easy to see why so many shops are cashing in on the finishing of all that output. Whether you’re adding, upgrading or replacing a laminator, look no further than GBC.

Introducing the 2064 Wide-Format Professional Finishing System from GBC. Like its cousins, the Falcon 3064 and the Orca 4064, the 2064 delivers professional results for endless applications but with a smaller investment. The 2064 has the same GBC reputation for innovation and quality. Designed to laminate and mount inkjet prints up to 64” wide, it’s built to take the punishment of demanding production while delivering the highest quality output. The 2064 is engineered to deliver years of reliable service along with the versatility to meet the needs of a growing market. But, best of all, it’s the perfect choice for those who want to upgrade their finishing capabilities despite a tight budget. Revenue-generating applications continue to grow, from trade show, window, floor and vehicle graphics to banners, posters and point-of-purchase, now backlit, flexible and rigid displays, even photo-mounting can all be finished in-house with the 2064. Whatever the process, laminating or mounting, your jobs will always run better with GBC films. The 2064 handles the full line of GBC quality films, from the cool Arctic pressure-sensitive line to the exciting thermal films, like Octiva and AccuShield, a special dry transfer coating for vinyl.

When it comes to profitability, the name of the game is productivity. So the 2064 offers many time- and labor-saving features. Because of its bi-directional capability, thermal lamination and cold mounting can be done consecutively. Two sets of nip rollers allow an operator to thermally laminate a print through the front of the machine and, within minutes, mount it to a substrate by feeding it through the machine from the other side without waiting for rollers to cool down. Now, you can run those critical rush jobs and make optimum use of your equipment. While technologically advanced, the 2064 is easy to use.

Electronic and mechanical adjustments provide maximum control, whether laminating with thin films or mounting to thick boards. Speed, temperature and cooling fan controls are located on the digital control panel at the front of the unit, along with pressure indicator and material used readout. On the back, you’ll find a second panel with push-button switches for forward, reverse and stop. For the ultimate in control, the front nip roller gap is infinitely adjustable to one inch with a simple mechanical roller adjustment. Pull roller gap is easily adjustable at the back of the unit with a seven-position lever. To make film changes easier, the film unwind shafts swing away from the unit for easy loading and unloading of film rolls. Adjustable core adaptors accommodate varying film widths.

The 2064 features two unwinds and three rewinds, making it suitable for running both pressure-sensitive and thermal films. The rewinds are positioned to accept release liners from PSA film and AccuShield and to accommodate finished output. The lightweight feed table on the front is removable for better access to the lower film shaft when webbing up the machine. For proper feeding of a variety of media, a removable pressure plate can be installed to ensure even pressure along the leading edge as it enters the nip rollers. And for additional feeding control, the foot pedal can be easily positioned on either side of the machine for hands-free operation. The finished product can roll smoothly on to the take-up reel, thanks to the trailing edge of the rear feed table. Unwind and rewind tension controls are conveniently positioned for quick adjustments.

Since customer satisfaction is always the bottom line for a successful finishing business, GBC included extra output-enhancing features; features like the advanced high-quality clutch that helps produce consistently flat output. An intelligent controller constantly monitors and adjusts roller temperature to maintain proper heat levels for maximum adhesion during thermal lamination. And to eliminate heat waves on thermal output, a channeled air cooling system and large chill idler roller cool the prints as they exit the heat rollers. GBC engineers are committed to operator safety, and nowhere is that more apparent than on the 2064. Here’s how it works. Two fiber optic beams are positioned at the nip roller to detect when the operator’s hand is about to enter the gap. These beams run from edge to edge on both sides of the machine, eliminating potential blind spots. Once the beams are interrupted, the dynamic braking system immediately stops the roller from advancing to avert injury. And to be sure all systems are functioning properly, a dual processor provides backup to ensure the reliability of the safety system and maintain consistent performance. For added safety, emergency stops are located on both sides of the unit within easy reach of the operator.

At the heart of the 2064’s productivity is GBC’s rugged reliability. Backed by the GBC nationwide network of service technicians, the 2064 won’t let you down when deadlines are tight. It’s no wonder the 2064 is ideal for maximum control, ease of use and rugged productivity. Operators will appreciate its well-engineered, labor-saving features, bi-directional capability for quick changes from hot lamination to cold mounting, swing-out film shafts and removable feed table for easy film changeovers, infinitely adjustable heat roller gap, user-friendly controls on both sides of the machine, convenient foot pedal control for safe and simple hands-free feeding and, when the job is done, easy to clean high-release silicone rollers – all these and an advanced electrical safety system too. So if you want to exceed customer expectations and increase your profits, consider the endless opportunities to grow your wide-format finishing business with the 2064. If you want maximum control, profitability, versatility, productivity and safe, easy operation, you want the 2064 Wide-Format Professional Finishing System from GBC.

Staff Review

GBC 2064WF Wide Format Laminator Review

The GBC 2064WF is a high quality wide format laminator designed for professional use. It works well in medium to high production environments as a versatile, easy to use machine. Providing both hot and cold lamination as well as offering numerous features, this is one product you don't want to miss. Here is a closer look at the 2064WF.


  • Use is controlled by a digital display panel located on the front of the machine. It provides important information to the user during use. Pressure and temperature settings, for example, are displayed, taking the guesswork out. A footage counter records how much material is being used for that specific job.

  • GBC's innovative Advanced Electrical Safety System is designed to protect the operator from harm using three steps. First, fiber optic sensors runs edge to edge along both nips for full obstacle detection. Then, dynamic braking immediately stops the rollers if any obstruction is found. Lastly, a dual processor monitors the whole situation as a backup to keep things running smoothly and reliably.

  • This machine can perform both hot and cold lamination. Bi-directional productivity allows both temperatures to be run simultaneously. A channeled air cooling system as well as a chill idler roller ensure smooth thermal output without waves in the finished product. An internal controller monitors and maintains consistent temperature for peak performance.

  • An edge roller on the front feed table as well as a curved trailing edge on the rear benefit roll to roll applications. A unique press plate at both ends flattens the leading edge for a better feed. The adjustable high quality clutch also works to ensure flat output.

  • Both the heat and pull rollers are independently adjustable. When using mechanical adjustments, the heat rollers are variable up to one inch to accommodate a wide variety of film gauges as well as mounting boards. The pull rollers use presets to handle common board and laminate gauges.

  • As large as a 16 inch film diameter on a roller with a three inch core can feed into this laminator. Up to 10 mil film can be used as well as materials up to one inch thick. Items are processed at a rate of 2-15 feet per minute, depending on the material.

  • Convenient inline edgers are found on both sides of the machine and save trimming time.

  • GBC provides a one year warranty on parts with 90 days coverage on labor.


  • There isn't an option to save any job settings for instant recall. Since the LCD display isn't hard to setup, we don't think this will be much of a problem.

  • This machine weighs 1,650 pounds and takes up a lot of space. It sits on a table with rollers for added mobility, so you can push it around if needed. But make sure you have room (and need) for this large of a machine before you purchase it.

As you can see, the GBC 2064WF is an excellent laminator. It is especially suited for busy large offices, schools, professional print shops, and graphics shops. While it would be nice to program your own settings, this isn't a major deterrent for most. This machine is highly recommended for any office.

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