GBC Arctic Titan 1064WFC Wide Format Cold Laminator
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GBC Arctic Titan 1064WFC Wide Format Cold Laminator

Part #: 3600234
Brand: GBC
  • Adjustable speed for operator comfort.
  • Max Laminate Width: 61"
  • Max Film Thickness: 10 mil
  • Hot or Cold: Cold
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Product Description

The GBC Arctic Titan 1064WFC Wide Format Cold Laminator is the coolest of GBC's color finishers. It will protect and enhance the wide variety of inkjet prints that are heat-sensitive and cannot be finished with thermal-activated films. The Arctic 1064WFC accommodates graphics up to 61" wide using pressure-sensitive films and foam boards. Production level speeds allow you to finish prints quickly and easily. Use with the GBC Arctic Pressure-sensitive line of films and see how "cool" your prints can be!

Product Details

  • Convenient motor-driven rewind for release liner, with brake adjustment.
  • Adjustable speed for operator comfort.
  • Removable front feed table facilitates changing film rolls.
  • Foot pedal allows hands-free operation.
  • Stand rolls easily for maximum mobility.
  • Print baskets catch output and store film.
  • Reversible motor clears feed jams.
  • Roller gap adjusts up to 1/2" for mounting.
  • A disruption of the photo beam stops the rollers to protect fingers from getting caught.
  • An emergency stop button is conveniently located to quickly stop the laminator and provide maximum operator control.
  • Large diameter, easy-to-clean silicone rollers provide high degree of pressure to create clear output.
  • Heavy-duty supply shaft reduces roll deflection.
  • GBC Part Number: 3600234 , G3600234
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on parts, 90 days labor

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Item Specifications

  • Core Diameter: 3"
  • Unwind/Rewind: 2 unwinds, 1 rewind
  • Max Film Width: 61"
  • Max Film Diameter: 6" OD
  • Material Thickness: Up to 1/2"
  • Maximum Speed: 18fpm
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 1.7amp, 60hz
  • Dimensions: 72" W x 48" H x 26.5" D
  • Weight: 285lbs
  • Safety: C/Ul Listed
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer on Parts, 90 Day on Labor

Staff Review

GBC Arctic Titan 1064WFC Cold Laminator Review

GBC makes both large and small laminators and one of their largest is the Arctic Titan 1064WFC. This device is pretty impressive. Read on to discover what makes it stand out, as well as how it rates on the ever-popular 1-to-10 scale.

  • The 1064WFC is a wide-format laminator that is capable of laminating items up to 61 inches wide. This is a great device to have around if you need something with which to laminate point-of-purchase displays, banners, and other large items.

  • This is a cold laminator which means that you'll never have to wait for the machine to heat up. Since some large laminators take up to 30 minute to get ready, this will help you save a lot of time. And it laminates quickly - it will process a whopping 18 feet of material in just 1 minute. Since you don't have to wait for the machine to heat up and it works so fast, you'll be able to get your work done more quickly.

  • The 1064WFC is compatible with pressure-sensitive film. The film you use with this device can be 1 to 10 mil. The thicker the film, the more rigid your document will be, so choose accordingly. (Note: thermal film cannot be used with this device because it cannot do heat lamination.) The film should have a core diameter of 3".

  • It's possible to use mounting boards with this machine. The gap between the rollers can be adjusted to accept boards that are up to 3/16" thick. Mounting boards are great supplies to use when you need to create durable, professional-looking visual aids.

  • The 1064WFC has a couple of convenient features that make using easy. For one, it comes with a foot pedal so you can keep your hands free when operating it. This will allow you to control the feeding of your documents. And underneath the machine, there's basket that will catch your documents so they don't end up on the floor. The basket could also be used to store laminating film.

  • Safety is important and the 1064WFC comes with a great safety feature. There's a photo beam that can detect if your fingers are too close to the rollers. When that happens, the rollers will stop automatically so you don't get injured. There's also an emergency stop button that you can use if anything goes wrong while you're laminating.

  • This machine is large because its dimensions are 72" (width) x 48" (height) x 26.5" (depth) so you can expect it to take up a fair amount of room in your work area. It's also heavy, weighing 285 pounds, but the stand has casters to make transporting it somewhat easier.

  • The 1064WFC comes with a 90-day labor warranty. The parts are covered for 1 year.

Final rating: 9. The GBC Arctic Titan 1064WFC is a terrific cold laminator. It's wide enough to accommodate a variety of large-format items, making it perfect for print shops, art studios, and more. It's great that this machine is compatible with different thicknesses of laminating film as well as mounting boards. The safety features will give you peace of mind when you use this machine and you'll appreciate how quickly your work is processed. Just keep in mind that this machine is huge and it lacks the ability to thermally process items. If that's okay with you, take a look at the 1064WFC today.

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