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GBC Premium White 5/8" 2:1 Twin Loop Wire - 9775039

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Item# 9775039G
Key Features


GBC Premium White 5/8" 2:1 Pitch Twin Loop Wires are guaranteed to add elegance and security to your documents. These GBC Premium Twin Loop Wires are also called Wire-O, WireBind, and Double Loop Wire. GBC white 5/8" 2:1 pitch elements let pages lie flat with 360 Degrees rotation for convenient note-taking and photocopying as well as provide a permanent bind to your documents--meaning your pages stay secure and protected. GBC Premium white 5/8" 2:1 pitch wire spines also look a tad more refined than a plastic comb or spiral coil. Measuring 5/8" in diameter, these white twin loop wires from GBC can hold approximately 110-140 sheets. These premium white 5/8" 2:1 pitch twin loop wires come open in a "C" shape, allowing you to insert the spines into your punched pages and then simply use your wire binding machine or wire closer to finish your books. Product number 9775039G.

Product Details

  • Color: White
  • Pitch: 2:1 Pitch (21 Loops)
  • Size: 5/8"
  • Capacity: Approx. 110-140 sheets (20lb bond)
  • Quantity: 100 Per Box
  • Part Number: 9775039G

Sizing Guide

Size Pitch Approximate Capacity (20# Paper)
3/16" 3:1 Pitch (32 Loops) 5-20 Sheets
1/4" 3:1 Pitch (32 Loops) 20-30 Sheets
5/16" 3:1 Pitch (32 Loops) 30-50 Sheets
3/8" 3:1 Pitch (32 Loops) 50-60 Sheets
7/16" 3:1 Pitch (32 Loops) 60-80 Sheets
1/2" 3:1 Pitch (32 Loops) 80-100 Sheets
9/16" 3:1 Pitch (32 Loops) 100-120 Sheets