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GBC Shredmaster GDHS713 Jam Free Super Micro Cut Paper Shredder - 1770080A

GBC Shredmaster GDHS713 Jam Free Super Micro Cut Paper Shredder - 1770080A

GBC Shredmaster GDHS713 Jam Free Super Micro Cut Paper Shredder - 1770080A

GBC Shredmaster GDHS713 Jam Free Super Micro Cut Paper Shredder - 1770080A

Part #: 1770080A
Brand: GBC
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The new GBC Shredmaster GDHS713 Super Micro-Cut paper shredder provides the ultimate in high-security shredding for all of your home, office, or business needs. The GDHS713 features a 7 sheet shred capacity, a large 13-gallon waste bin to reduce bag changes, very high level 5 security super micro-cut, and heavy duty construction. The GDHS 713 from GBC offers an ideal shredder for high-security shredding in your home, business, or office. The all new GDHS713 from GBC also features GBC's famous Jam Free technology which prevents jams and ensures maximum time efficiency by preventing messes. If you are looking for a durable, high level security shredder for your business, look no further than the all new GBC GDHS713 featured by MyBinding.com today!

Product Details

  • 1/32" x 4/9" Super Micro-Cut Pieces
  • Security Level 5 for high security needs
  • Maximum 7 sheets of paper in a single pass
  • Shreds paper clips, staples, and credit cards.
  • 13-gallon waste capacity
  • JamFree technology with indicator light prevents jams.
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Product Dimensions: 26.6" H x 18.9" W x 14.6" D
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty on parts/labor, 1 Year Warranty on Cutters.
  • List Price: $2300.00
  • GBC Part Number: 1770080A , G1770080A
  • Primary UPC: 033816095991


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Dahle Vantage Comfort-Grip Shears Review

High security shredders are extremely handy machines in offices dealing with confidential information.  One exceptional device is the GBC Shredmaster GDHS713.  With Jam Free technology and automatic features, this machine is very easy to use.  Durable construction backed by warranty enables this device to stand up to rigorous, all day use.  Let’s take a closer look.


  • With automated use, operation is a breeze.  Simply slide your papers in and the shredder does the work for you.  A backlit control panel keeps you aware of your machine’s current status.  After two full minutes of no use, the motor will power down to an energy conserving mode to save electricity.
  • GBC is known for its Jam Free technology, which works to prevent jams before they occur.  Too much paper in the feed causes the blades to shut off and the throat to glow red.  After the excess material has been removed, the throat turns green and shredding re-starts.  In the case of an actual jam, automatic reverse sends clogged items back out to the user.
  • The powerful motor on this machine offers two excellent features: continuous run and silent operation.  The first allows all day use without needing frequent cool down periods.  And quiet operation is seen in the mere 60 decibels of sound produced, about 10 decibels less than its competition.  This approximately equals the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a normal conversation.
  • A wide 10 inch paper entry accepts up to seven sheets at once, shredding them as fast as 10 feet per minute.  The tiny particles that remain fall into a generous 13 gallon waste bin.  Both plastic and easily recycled paper bags are available for the container.  The bin itself sits in a pull-out drawer for quick access to the shred bag for disposal.
  • The super micro cutting blades convert whole documents into tiny pieces only 1/32″ by 4/9″ in size.  These miniscule particles earn a level five security rating.  This guarantees the safety of highly classified material.
  • A two year warranty comes with this machine and includes on-site service.  The cutting cylinders are covered by a one year guarantee.


  • This machine doesn’t destroy credit cards or CDs.  Some offices may not need this capability and for them this won’t matter.  Businesses wanting the safe destruction of these items as well should look into the GLHS930.
  • A heavy piece of office equipment like this would be difficult to move around.  Casters on the bottom provide added mobility.  We think most users won’t find this to be much of a problem.
  • As seen with most high security machines, this one only offers lower capacities.  Seven sheets at ten feet per minute will get the job done but businesses with high volumes of items to shred may prefer the GLM1130.

Overall, the GDHS713 is well-suited for the needs of a medium office where high security is important.  Offices dealing with classified information can be sure their records stay confidential in the tiny particles created by the durable blades.  With automatic feature for simple use and Jam Free technology, this machine is convenient and efficient.  We think the GBC Shredmaster GDHS713 is an excellent choice for your next office shredder.

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