Heat-Activated Adhesive 1/8" Recyclable Paperboard Mounting Boards
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Heat-Activated Adhesive 1/8" Recyclable Paperboard Mounting Boards

Brand: MyBinding
  • 1/8" thick b-flute white i-Board paper boards
  • Compare to 1/8" foam core boards
  • Cuts crisp & clean, easily
  • Low-temp heat-activated JHA adhesive bonds at 155°F
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Product Description

Reduce plastic waste with Heat-Activated Adhesive 1/8" thick Heat-Activated Adhesive 1/8" Recyclable Paperboard Mounting Boards. These 100% recyclable boards are a great alternative for offices looking to become more environmentally friendly. They are coated with a heat-activated adhesive with no plastic carrier. This no tack, heat-activated permanent adhesive bonds at 155 degrees and is dry to the touch. It provides excellent adhesion without the excessive use of plastic material. The adhesive adheres permanently to most papers to the same papers as adhesive foam boards. With new recyclable mount boards, you can improve your environmental impact by replacing plastic and foam core boards that take hundreds of years to decompose, with recyclable mounting boards.

Corrugated graphic boards with heat-activated adhesive are eco-friendly and can be disposed of as you would with corrugated boxes and other compostable materials that leave no visible, distinguishable, or toxic residue. This type of board is used the same way as you would with foam-centered boards in mounting, laminating, presentations, and art projects. It is ⅛” thick, all white, and has a smooth SBS paper board surface on one side. These boards feature a B flute construction which provides excellent crush and puncture resistance while providing an excellent printing surface. Corrugated graphic boards work well with adhesives, makers, and paints. Xacto knives are used to make clean and crisp cuts and in trimming the board. The boards are available in sizes ranging from 20" x 30" up to 40" x 60". Expand the business while taking care of the environment by using Heat-Activated Adhesive 1/8" Recyclable Mount Boards.

Product Details

  • 1/8" thick white board.
  • With JHA dry to touch heat Adhesive.
  • Lo Temp -Bonds at 155 degrees.
  • Permanent adhesive.
  • B-fluted solid paperboard
  • Smooth paper board surface.
  • Cuts crisp and clean easily.
  • 10, 15 or 25 sheets per box.

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