HP Agility Eco Stapling Covers - Dark Blue (Pack of 10)
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HP Agility Eco Stapling Covers - Dark Blue (Pack of 10)

Brand: HP
  • Sheet Capacity: 2-15 Sheets (approximation)
  • Insert Size: 8-1/2" W x 11" H (Letter Size, Portrait)
  • Front Cover: 7 mil Clear Matte Paper Eco-Cover (Plastic-Free)
  • Back Cover: 80 lb. Linen Back Cover
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Product Description

HP Agility Stapling Covers are easily the easiest way to achieve professional-looking reports and presentations. With these covers, all you will be needing is a stapler, no punching, and other special binding tools required. Each cover can bind documents with up to 15 sheets* making it perfect for presentations and reports in school and business settings. A clear matte paper cover is a clever feature that displays the front page of the document, this allows easy viewing of the title or front page without having to open the document. Cut-out tabs prevent the need the crease your cover. The front cover is plastic-free while the back and spine are made from 80# durable linen making it an environmentally sustainable option. To use, place the printed documents on the cover, jog them straight, staple the tabs to bind the pages into the cover, and it’s done! Easy, simple, and effective binding is possible with HP Agility Stapling Covers.

How to Use:

  1. Design your cover page and print your document pages.
  2. Place the sheets into the wrap-around cover and jog them straight.
  3. Staple the tabs to bind your pages into the cover.


* Based on 20# bond copy paper. Capacity will vary depending on the stock used.

Product Details

  • All you need is a stapler
  • Professional finish
  • Clear matte paper front to display a front page
  • Cut-out tabs prevent the need the crease your cover

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Item Specifications

  • Sheet Capacity:2-15 Sheets (approximation)
  • Insert Size:8-1/2" W x 11" H (Letter Size, Portrait)
  • Front Cover:7 mil Clear Matte Paper Eco-Cover (Plastic-Free)
  • Back Cover:80 lb. Linen Back Cover
  • Color:Dark Blue (More Colors Available)
  • Compatible Equipment:Any stapler capable of handling the sheet capacity being bound, including the cover stock
  • Shipping Weight (lbs):4 lbs.
  • Quantity:10 / Box

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