HP AF1512 Microcut Auto-Feed 12 Sheet Paper Shredder - Clearance Sale
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HP AF1512 Microcut Auto-Feed 12 Sheet Paper Shredder - Clearance Sale

Part #: 04HPAF1512
Brand: HP
  • MICRO CUT PARTICLES – Creates 4.3mm x 12mm particles for higher security.
  • WARRANTY – 1yr general warranty with 3yr on cutting blades.
  • 12 SHEET CAPACITY – Shreds up to 12 pages at a time when manually fed.
  • AUTOMATIC FEED TRAY – Holds 150 pages and automatically shreds so you can walk away.
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Product Description

The HP AF1512 professional paper shredder is an innovative system that has proven itself as the best-in-class option. It combines the convenience of automated shredding of a 150-page stack with the security of a 4.3x12mm micro-cut particle size, and the strength to run on automatic mode for 30 minutes straight. This shredder also comes with the HP general 1-year warranty plus a 3-year warranty on the cutters themselves. The AF1512 small shredder packs a powerful punch, offering 0.86 horse power with a quiet 68 dB noise level.

With the new HP AF1512 microcut shredder you can accomplish increased productivity without breaking the bank. It offers incredible value and quick ROI paired with impressive security standards.


The HP AF1512 document and card shredder machine is ideal for professional offices and businesses who could benefit from microcut security and automated document desctruction. The 7.4-gallon waste bin holds a lot of waste and pulls out to easily empty, featuring a clear window on the front so you know when it’s time to clean out.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Auto and Manual Feed – Auto feed tray holds up to 150 sheets, manual feed accepts up to 12 sheets at a time.
  • Microcut – Extra security protection for bank statements and other sensitive documents.
  • Shreds Staples – No need to remove staples before shredding (shred stapled documents manually).
  • Quiet Operation – 68dB noise level isn’t obtrusive or too loud.
  • Easy Emptying – 7.4 Gallon waste pin pulls out for easy emptying.
  • Mobile – Mounted on rolling casters for mobility.

Product Details

Speed up the time it takes to shred stacks of paper and eliminate the hassle with the innovative new HP AF1512 auto microcut shredder. This unique paper shredder has an auto-feed tray that holds up to 150 pages at a time; just place the sheets into the tray and walk away while the machine pulls in each page and shreds automatically. The AF1512 turns these pages into micro-cut size waste particles measuring just 4.3mm x 12mm for ultimate security protection. The 7.4 gallon waste bin holds quite a bit of waste so you can empty less frequently, and features a handy window so you can se when it needs to be taken out. This powerful small shredder is great for a professional office that wants a convenient, speedy, and hassle-free shredding experience.


The impressive HP AF1512 microcut auto shredder also has a manual feed that takes up to 12 pages at a time, including a stapled document or one credit card. This office shredder turns your business’ documents into tiny particles, streamlining your document destruction process and protecting your privacy.


Product Details:

  • Automatic Feed – Auto feed tray holds up to 150 sheets.
  • Manual Feed – Manual feed for up to 12 sheets at a time, including stapled documents.
  • Microcut Protection – Extra security for bank statements and private documents.
  • Quiet Shredding – 68dB noise level.
  • Easy-to-Move – Mounted on rolling casters for mobility.

Item Specifications

  • Manufacturer - HP
  • Manufacturer Part Number – 91003D
  • UPC Code – 022447910032
  • Model – AF1512
  • Suggested User – Professional/Office
  • Feed Width - 8-3/4”
  • Cut Type - Micro-Cut
  • Shred Size - 4.3mm x 12mm
  • DIN Security Level (Paper) - P-4
  • Automatic Feed - Yes, Tray Holds Up To 150 Sheets
  • Capacity - 12 Sheets Manually
  • Automatic Start/Stop - Yes, Photo Sensor
  • Controls - Rev, Off, On
  • Reverse - Yes
  • LED Indicators - Ready, Overload, Overheat, Waste Bin Full
  • Speed – 3.8sps (seconds per sheet)
  • Shreds - Paper, Credit Cards, Staples
  • Waste Bin – 7.4 Gallons; Pullout Bin
  • Noise Level - 68dB
  • Duty Cycle - 30 Minutes On, 40 Minutes Off
  • Power Voltage - 115 Volt AC, 4.7 Amp, 60 Hz
  • Motor - 0.86hp
  • Castors - Yes
  • Certifications - UL
  • Color - White/Black
  • Country of Manufacture - Vietnam
  • Dimensions – 13.75” W x 10.25” D x 21.25” H
  • Product Weight – 26.5 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions – 13.33” W x 12.79” D x 23.62” H
  • Shipping Weight – 29.7 lbs.
  • Shipping Method - UPS
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty - 1 Year General/3 Year on Cutters

Instructions for Use

How to Use the HP AF1512 Shredder:

  • Make sure the control toggle is set to “off” and plug in your shredder.
  • The ready light will turn on, indicating it is ready for operation.
  • A maximum of 9 sheets (with 1 staple) or 1 credit card may be inserted into the feed manually.
  • A maximum of 120 sheets may be placed on the auto feed tray; feeding will begin automatically.

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