HSM 105.3 Level 2 Strip Cut Office Paper Shredder
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HSM 105.3 Level 2 Strip Cut Office Paper Shredder

Part #: 1291143
Brand: HSM
  • Shred Capacity: 24 Sheets
  • Cut Style: Strip Cut
  • Security Level: Level 2
  • Waste Bin Capacity: 8.7 gal.
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Product Description

The HSM 105.3 Strip Cut Office Shredder is a high performance model for deskside use in organizations with constant workloads. These strip cut shredders are designed to shred paper, credit cards, and the 1/4" model can even shred CDs and DVDs. The HSM 105.3 has a photoelectric cell for automatic start/stop control and an on/off switch with integrated reversing function. It even has a stand-by mode with LED indicator. The HSM 105.3 strip cut shredder stops automatically when the waste container is full or has been removed and lets you know with an LED indicator. Plus, the HSM 105.3 comes with a see through window and a removable waste container. The 1/8" (3.9mm) model is available but has a 6-8 week leadtime, Please contact our customer service department if you are interested in that model.

Product Details

  • The HSM 105.3 multifunctional compact office model destroys paper and credit cards.
  • Automatic start/stop control via electronic eye.
  • Reverse button to release overfed paper.
  • Shred bin has large window to view fill level.
  • Crosscut models can cut up to approximately 14 sheets per run; Strip cut: up to 24 sheets per run (see specifications).
  • Hardened steel cutters can handle occasional standard paper clips or staples.
  • Powerful, specially adjusted drive for high performance, and for longer periods of use; motor with thermal protection.
  • Cutting rollers with the patented V-groove.
  • Integrated container can be tilted out and used as a waste basket for nonconfidential documents.
  • Enclosed housing protects against paper dust.
  • HSM 105.3 shredders should be oiled to maintain top working condition.

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Item Specifications

  • Shred Size: 1/4"

Staff Review

HSM 105.3 Level 2 Strip Cut Office Paper Shredder Review

The 105.3 Level 2 Strip Cut by HSM is a great system for personal or small office use by a few people. With automatic features to make use simple and an LED display panel, this petite machine is highly convenient to have around. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons.


  • While multiple people could share this device, it's still small enough to sit under a desk for personal use. And since it only weighs about 25 pounds, you won't have a problem moving it.

  • A toggle switch controls on, off, and reverse functions. Once on, the shredder sits in a standby mode without using electricity. The cutting cylinders start and stop automatically via photo cell sensor as items enter through the feed. A safety shield covering the entry keeps ties and other objects from getting caught in the blades. If items are jammed, the reverse function feeds the materials back out to the user. An LED panel with indicator lights keeps the user constantly aware of the machine's status.

  • The motor uses a specially adjusted drive system for higher performance and longer shredding periods. Thermal protection guards against overheating. A fully enclosed housing reduces the spread of dust and quiets the noise of the motor. This machine only produces about 59 decibels of sound, about the same noise level as a normal conversation one yard away.

  • A 9.5 inch opening allows 13-19 sheets in at once, depending on which version you choose. Either

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