HSM 225.2 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder
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HSM 225.2 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder

Part #: 1458
Brand: HSM
  • Shred Size: 1mm x 5mm Micro Cut
  • Security Level: Level 6
  • Capacity: up to 7 Sheets
  • Speed: 34 ft/min
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Product Description

MyBinding.com is proud to introduce the HSM 225.6 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder. This shredder is perfect for military, government, or corporate offices that require the destruction of extremely confidential paperwork. The HSM 225.2hs Shredder meets all new standards for high security data destruction, all with an attractive, compact console with automatic start and stop operation. Its continuous duty motor with thermal protection ensures easy-to-use all-day shredding. This level six model is D.O.D and NSA approved for top secret shredding. Both models will safely destroy sensitive material and confidential documents. The HSM 225.2 Level 6 shredder can operate at speeds of up to 26 feet per minute and is capable of shredding three sheets of paper at a time. If high level security is a must for you and your business, the HSM 225.2 Level 6 is the best way to go.

Product Details

  • Automatic start/stop by electronic eye.
  • Stand-By Operation LED
  • Reverse Controls
  • Working width of 10".
  • Auto-stop and Auto-Reverse for jams.
  • Mobile with wheels
  • Powerful drive for high performance; motor with protected thermal fuse.
  • Closed tooth wheel drive prevents penetration of dirt and slows wear.
  • Enclosed housing prevents paper dust build-up and "whisper quiet" operation.

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Item Specifications

  • Shred Size: 1mm x 5mm Micro Cut
  • Security Level: Level 6
  • Capacity: up to 7 Sheets
  • Feed Width: 12"
  • Speed: 34 ft/min
  • Voltage: 115v.
  • Waste Bin: 26 gallons
  • Weight: 105 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 19.75" x 35.25" x 16.5"
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Cylinders, Parts, and Labor

Staff Review

HSM 225.2 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder Review

In today’s world, it’s vital for offices to be able to properly destroy sensitive information. The HSM 225.2 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder provides a quick and easy way to do so. With a sturdy motor powering swift blades, documents are diced into thousands of pieces impossible to reassemble. This ability along with easy to use automatic features make this an ideal machine for any busy office. Here is a closer look at the details.


  • To begin, simply flip the rocker switch to “on” and the machine does the rest for you. The motor sits in standby without consuming electricity until the photoelectric eye senses paper in the feed slot. The blades start shredding on cue, stopping after everything is processed. In the event of a paper jam, the device automatically stops and then reverses the clogged pages back out to the user. A flip top lid offers quick access for additional clearing as well as oiling. The motor also stops when the shred bag is full or if the cabinet door is open. All operational modes are displayed to keep the user informed.
  • The continuous duty motor removes the need for frequent cool down periods. Thermal protection prevents overheating even in times of extended use. The engine also utilizes a closed gear transmission system to cut down on dirt penetration and erosion. These features work to keep your shredder in optimal running condition.
  • A 12 inch paper entry accepts up to seven sheets at once, shredding them as fast as 27 feet per minute. The pieces left are only 1mm by 5mm in size, providing a high level 6 security rating. This meets DOD, NSA and CSS approval for document destruction, making this shredder ideal for use in banks, hospitals, and government agencies.
  • Those tiny bits fall into a voluminous 26 gallon container. A reusable shred bag catches the confetti particles and sits in a convenient pull-out bag frame for easy removal and replacement.
  • A one year manufacturer warranty guarantees the blades, parts, and labor for this product.


  • Since this shredder weighs over 100 pounds when empty, it will be awkward to move. Casters on the bottom provide additional mobility in case you do need to relocate your machine. We think this won’t be a big problem for most users.
  • Nothing other than paper can go through the blades, including staples and paperclips. This is fairly normal on high security shredders and many offices might not be affected. If you’re looking for this ability, check out GBC’s Shredmaster GDHS713.
  • Like many other high security devices, this one only has a small sheet capacity. Again, this is common on level 6 shredders, since users are often looking more for security than quantity. For greater capacity and faster shredding, we recommend the HSM 411.2 Level 6.

As you can see, the HSM 225.2 is a perfect high security system for any office. Automatic features provide simple use while the powerful blades securely destroy all your sensitive documents. Hospitals, government offices, and banks will greatly benefit from the efficient security provided by this device. We think the 225.2 Level 6 is an excellent choice for your next high security office shredder.

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