HSM FA500.2cc Cross Cut Industrial Shredder
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HSM FA500.2cc Cross Cut Industrial Shredder

Part #: 1656
Brand: HSM
  • Shred Size: 9/32" x 1 1/2" - 3 5/32" Cross Cut
  • Capacity: 500-650 Sheets
  • Security Level: Level 2
  • Speed: 50 ft/min
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Product Description

The HSM FA500.2cc is HSM's largest industrial high-capacity conveyor shredder that offers high capacity shredding at impressive speeds and easy operations. Designed for continuous operation for large businesses needing to shred large amounts of paper on a continual basis. Able to easily shred up to an impressive 650 sheets at a time the HSM500.2cc is sure to meet all of your shredding needs. A huge 150 gallon waste bin, 20" feeding width, and conveyor system givse the HSM FA500.2cc a reliable, heavy-duty, large throughput shredding operation, while a loading table and electric conveyor offers quick and easy loading and input for shredding. Equipped with a stand-by LED indicator, keypad controls, auto-stop for full container, auto-reverse for paper jams, and a mobile castor system give this shredder all of the extras to streamline your shredding needs. If you need a shredder for continual destruction of large amounts of material, check out the HSM FA500.2cc today.

Product Details

  • Extremely high performance conveyor belt and shredding system
  • Modern SPS controller with multilingual and easy menu navigation
  • Touch keypad for continuous and reverse function.
  • Practical loading table for easy loading
  • Designed for continuous operation of large amounts of shredding
  • Sturdy gear motor with chain drive for maximum efficiency
  • Material infeed via conveyor belt for optimum loading and operation

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Item Specifications

  • Shred Size: 9/32" x 1 1/2" - 3 5/32" Cross Cut
  • Capacity: 500-650 Sheets
  • Security Level: Level 2
  • Feed Width: 20"
  • Voltage: 220v.
  • Speed: 50 ft/min
  • Waste Capacity: 150 gallons
  • Weight: 1728 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 84" x 48" x 72"
  • Warranty: 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Cutting Cylinders, 1 Year on Parts, and Labor

Staff Review

HSM FA500.2cc Cross Cut Industrial Shredder Review

Industries around the world rely on a durable, heavy duty shredder for their high volume shredding needs.  One machine that is excellent for this job is the HSM FA500.2cc Cross Cut Industrial Shredder.  This workhorse uses a powerful motor to run solid steel blades capable of shredding several hundred pages at once.  It is specifically built to continually devour a large throughput amount while still providing convenience.  Here is a closer look at the details.


  • This shredder features a modern SPS controller that offers easy menu navigation in multiple languages.  A touch keypad runs continuous and reverse operations.  The reverse triggers automatically if a jam occurs.  When the shred bin is full, the blades automatically stop until the container is emptied and replaced.
  • The powerful motor idles in standby without consuming energy when not in use.  An LED light lets the user know what status the machine is in.  With gears and a sturdy chain drive, the engine runs efficiently to provide you with all day shredding.  Busy offices will appreciate not having to wait for the shredder to be ready.
  • A handy loading table provides extra workspace and a storage spot for stacks waiting to be shred.  The electronic conveyor belt smoothly feeds stacks into the blades and ensures optimal operation.
  • Items slide down the belt into a wide 20 inch feed slot.  As many as 650 sheets can enter the blades at once.  Materials can include stapled and paperclipped documents, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, phone books, and even three ring binders.  Everything is torn to pieces at a rapid pace of 50 feet per minute.
  • The small paper confetti falls into a colossal 150 gallon waste container.  The bin is mounted on wheels for easy emptying and utilizes a reusable bag.
  • HSM provides a ten year warranty on the solid steel cutting cylinders.  All other parts, as well as labor, are covered for one year.


  • Weighing well over 1000 pounds, this is a heavy piece of machinery.  There are casters on the bottom for added portability but beware it will still be bulky and awkward to roll around.
  • The pieces created only rate a level 2 security.  This is completely adequate for the disposal of generic office documents and old work orders.  But confidential information should go through a shredder with at least a level three rating, such as the 400.2cc Cross Cut Shredder.
  • As one would expect with an industrial shredder, this is a very large machine.  If your office has any space constraints, you might think about something a little smaller, such as the 450.2cc.

The FA500.2cc Cross Cut Shredder is ideal for any business needing to destroy large amounts of material daily.  Places such as distribution centers, archives, and other industries will highly benefit from the continual shredding allowed by this machine.  High capacity along with the ability to take in a variety of items make the 500.2cc efficient as well as convenient.  We think this is an excellent choice for your next industrial size shredder.

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